Buffalo Summer  Interview   02/4/20 


MM: Thanks for your time, can you give a brief Background about your Band and why the  name Buffalo Summer 


BS: We formed in 2010 after bonding over a love of The Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin mainly.  We self-released our first album and began to tour Europe.  Subsequently, we got signed to UDR (now Silver Lining Records) and released the album Second Sun, and more recently, Desolation Blue.  The name came to Jonny in a dream after he had smoked a lot of astrologers cigarettes.  He dreamt he was riding on the back of a buffalo across the North American plains.


MM: How excited are you now release date is nearly here.

BS: The album is now out and we are absolutely thrilled with the response it has been gaining.


MM: Which song would you choose for someone new to your band to listen to from "Desolation Blue"

BS: If Walls Could Speak is a good indication of where the band is right.  Treading waters between classic rock and grunge.


MM: The Coronavirus is screwing the world up, so can you tell us your plans for the year, and how will you guys cope with the virus.

BS: We’ll just continue to make music every day and then play some shows when all this madness is over.


MM: What can we expect from Buffalo Summer live?

BS: An honest rock and roll show straight from the heart.  Totally live... no backing tracks... no bullshit!


MM: What do you like best about being in a band and what's the worst?

BS: Best thing is being in the studio and bringing your ideas to life.  Also playing great shows when the sweat is dripping over the ceiling.  The worst is dealing with cold-blooded lizards who will suck you dry in the industry.


MM: how do you rate the importance of being seen live and meeting fans whenever possible?

BS: We always stay around after shows to speak to any fans who want to chat with us.  We appreciate the time, effort and money it takes to come out to a show.  It’s the least we can do to say thanks.


MM: Can you tell me how difficult  it is to stand out from your peers

BS: I’m not really bothered about standing from other people.  We make music that we enjoy and if other people like it is then great.  The thing that makes many bands stand out from others is how deep their pockets are.  That’s a sad indictment of the music industry we are operating these days.


MM: Which three Bands would you love to go on tour with?

BS: Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?

BS: Lenny Kravitz at Wembley Arena... the definition of a rock god and what it means to tick all the boxes. All hail the Lenny!


MM:  Which are your Two favorite albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally

Chris Cornell – Euphoria Morning. An incredible piece of music and art that resonated deeply with me from the time it was released.

BS: Alice In Chains – Dirt – The record that massively influenced my taste in music and probably saved my life.


MM: Can you remember the first time you played live and what it meant to you?

BS: Yes it was at my school.  I knew about three chords on the guitar and it wasn’t very good.  It was very loose around the edges in the punk rock sense but I didn’t care.  The fire was lit!


MM: Can you tell me why we should  buy "Desolation Blue"

BS: It’s an album which s from the heart.  It’s the best album we’ve ever made hands down.  You only have to see the reviews to agree with that sentiment. It’s all the most diverse and mature album we’ve made and we tapped into many genres.  it’s an album where we totally true to ourselves.  We turned down the opportunity to work with some big names who wanted us to keep it ‘simple.’  That my friends is not art.


MM: Four Words to describe Buffalo Summer

BS: Welsh, hairy, soulful, rocking


MM: Quick Fire Round

1.Festival or Small intimate gig

BS: Intimate


2.Vinyl or Digital

BS: Vinyl


3.Beer or Glamorgan Sausage

BS: Glamorgan Sausage


4.MM:Rugby or Football

BS: Football


5.MM:Blues or Heavy Metal 

BS: Heavy Metal                                               Facebook                                                            Interview: Seb Di Gatto

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