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                                                                                                   Cains Offering
                                                                                                        Storm Crow
                                                                                                 Label: Frontier Records
                                                                                             Release Date: May 15Th 2015
 Cains Offering features STRATOVARIUS members vocalist Timo Kotipelto , and Jens Johansson, plus Jonas Kuhlberg on bass ,and Jani "Hurtsi" Hurula (Paul Di'Anno) on drums. The brain child of Finnish guitarist/songwriter Jani Liimatainen (founding member of one of Finland's biggest music exports Sonata Arctica). This is the bands second release following on from 2009's outstanding  "Gather The Faithful".


The title track opens proceedings ,and flies out of the starting blocks in bombastic fashion , as you would expect from such an illustrious line up , instantly catchy, Melodic Metal to please the ears. "The Best of Times" a  frantic keyboard  introduction  that  captivates your being, its harmonies are instantly soothing yet exhilarating  with some crunching guitarmanship ,  it doesn't disappoint at all.

Then my personal favourite  "A Night To Forget" the lyrics are inspired , as you are taken on a nights drinking and thinking ,the lyrics weave  their magic,  its not the fastest track on the album but a personal highlight.


Then the pace quickens with  turbo charged incisiveness.    
"I Will Build You Rome" is a real Power Metal onslaught that's not only uplifting its inspiring.

Power Ballad "Too Tired to Run" is a beautiful piece running nearly at seven minutes , its a track I feel you need to be in the right mood to really appreciate, the musical arrangement sends shivers up and down your spine, its not a song I would personally listen to much,  it crosses into the AOR field of music and while touching,  its one I would skip.


The tempo is picked up with "Constellation of Tears" it races and get's your heart pumping , and wakes you from your slumber after the previous track, especially love the shredding and  keyboarding inter twined.

The Power Metal Meltdown continues with "Antemortem" The mood slows a bit on "My Heart Beats For No One"  its a wonderful tapestry of Classic Metal, mixed with AOR moments.  

"I  Am Legion" is another stand out moment, its an instrumental with a slow build up that then explodes into a Power Metal fans dream with its epic massive orchestrations and scintillating Musician ship.

"Rising Sun" is a majestic piece that rises and shines into your psyche.  "On The Shore" is laid back and finishes a passionate well delivered album.
To sum up , if you love your Power Metal with massive and bombastic delivery then Storm Crow is going to how you salivating and loving this album.

                                          Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score:9.0/10

Tracklisting:                                               Facebook      
 2.The Best Of Times
 3.A Night To Forget
 4.I Will Build You a Rome
 5.Too Tired To Run
 6.Constellation Of Tears
 8.My Heart Beats For No One
 9.I Am Legion
 10.Rising Sun
 11.On The Shore


 Timo Kotipelto: Lead Vocals
 Jani Liimatainen: Guitars
 Jonas Kuhlberg: Bass
 Jani Hurula: Drums
 Jens Johansson: Keyboards

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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