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                                                                                       Cannibal Corpse

                                                                        'A Skeletal Domain'   Metal Blade   

Cannibal Corpse is probably the best known Death Metal band the world over. 

Formed over twenty five years ago they have been the leading band in the genre,  and have unleashed album number 13 “A Skeletal Domain”  on  the masses.

Firstly I need to state am not a Death metal aficionado and have a range of hard and heavy music interests from Sleaze to Viking metal and beyond. Of course over the thirty five years I have been into metal I have come across Cannibal Corpses albums, and indeed like a lot of their work.


“A Skeletal Domain” is twelve tracks of gore infested brutality (what do you expect this is fucking Cannibal Corpse!!)  its intense and vicious , opening with “High Velocity Splatter” this is instantly captivating and smashes into your skull like a psychopath out of control on speed with an axe, the band  don’t surprise you with their worship of killing, gore and violence, this is what it is, Death Metal magnificence a perfect setting to their love of horror movies and gore, with lyrics like “Fire Up the Chainsaw! Hack their fucking heads off!” the opening tells you, and reminds you that Cannibal Corpse haven’t mellowed and won’t ever change !


I mean how you cannot enjoy songs with titles like “Sadistic Embodiment” and Icepick Lobotomy” etc.! Unless ya a tight arse boring liberal metal head (oh believe me they exist!) The production and quality of this album is superb, the fast riffs, heavy and growled vocals from the deepest depths of human deprivation will thrill, sicken, and amaze you,  this is fun, and gruesome as Death Metal should be, unfortunately so many people have the wrong idea of Death Metal, its entertainment no more or less, yes its gory, nasty and vicious, its horror films played out,  to the max by talented musicians.

“Blood-stained Cement” has to be one of the strongest songs, its unrelenting , homicidal, and ferocious as are all eleven tracks,  but this one delivers more than the rest for me , but rather than go  song by song  grab a hold of this album and  play it fucking loud!


Upset your neighbours ,  upset every one !!!


Cannibal Corpse  are  horrific and gory and “Skeletal Domain” will appeal to the bands fans as well as any one new to Death Metal,  the musicianship drips the sweat,  blood and devils tears of excellence. This is a cruel sadistic album, just what you would expect, these guys will remain at the top of this genre and long may it continue!


N.B Check our interview with Alex Webster on The Metal Gods Meltdown Website


Review :Seb Di Gatto


Track Lisiting
01. High Velocity Impact Spatter
02. Sadistic Embodiment
03. Kill or Become
04. A Skeletal Domain
05. Headlong into Carnage
06. The Murderer’s Pact
07. Funeral Cremation
08. Icepick Lobotomy
09. Vector of Cruelty
10. Bloodstained Cement
11. Asphyxiate to Resuscitate
12. Hollowed Bodies












The Metal Gods Meltdown

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