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                                                                                                    Cavalera Conspiracy
                                                                                    Pandemonium   Naplam  Records
Pandemonium is the third release from  Cavalera  Conspiracy,  and what we get is  twelve tracks of brutal, vicious, smashing your face in,  groove inspired,  thrashing Metal,  delivered with a Punk attitude to please  Metalheads  the world over. 


Fans of early Sepultura are going to adore this album,  it is  very reminiscent of the bands earlier albums where of course brother’s  Max and Igor  Cavalera nutured the sound of the Brazilian Metal legends, and the coming together again of the once estranged brothers  sees the addition of   Nate Newton on bass  (Converge , Doomriders)  and master shredder Marc Rizzo  who returns for what is  a  an album of ruthless , ferocious, savagery that hasnt really been there since the Sepultura  "Arise"  days I feel.


Opening with "Babylonian Pandemonium" the thrashing skull mayhem erupts cracking heads,  breaking bones in a frenzied pit of malevolence,  it exudes venom,  and then "Bonzai Kamikazee" has thrashing and smashing pit riffs that melt and annihilate your senses this is a heavy mutha ,  and the air raid sirens as you approach the end  add a nice touch, as we are then thrown mercilessly into a rabid room of hungry rottweilers  as  one my favourtie track approaches  "Scum" it  bares its teeth and growls ,it  has to be on the setlist live , as mosh pits will erupt and heads will be  banged and "Scum" will be shouted and echoed around the venues. 


"I , Barbarian" is  speeding , blood letting and  commences with killer riffs , Max Cavalera digs deep into his throaty vocal range ,its so like the old days !!! "Cramunhao" is fuckin outstanding, its shredding   and drumming is a violent tornado of concussive metal delirium. "Apex Predator"  will have you punching the air and singing the chrous, Rizzos guitar screams and throttles your mind, as Igors drums continue to be , crashed and  slammed.


"Insurrection" rises and has a jaw breacking guitar solo to be savoured then"Not Lot Losing The Edge" is a punky thrashing monster , its fast , and even touches on an asian vibe musically , and like the title, this band arent "Losing The Edge"! "Father of Hate" is a track where you can feel the intensity and abhorrence in Caveleras voice , Igors drums come to the fore more on this track and thump, thump   into your very  being.

Nate Newton gets to add his vocals on "The Crucible" and is a uncompromising vehement  number.

Hardcore territory is crossed on "Deux ex Machina". 

Final track "Porra"  is a tribal, flamenco tinged tune  where Cavalera displays his fiercely proud roots.

So to sum up I would say "Pandemonium"  is the  closest to recapturing the spirit of the brothers former glories ,it is a must have!!!!                    

Review Seb Di Gatto                      Score: 9/10          

  1. Babylonian Pandemonium
  2.Bonzai Kamikazee
  4.I, Barbarian
  6.Apex Predator
  8.Not Losing The Edge
  9.Father Of Hate
  10.The Crucible
  11.Dues Ex Machina

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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