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                                                                                   Vegas Or Bust   Angry Shark

Yet another excellent band from Scandinavia, these guys have managed to get a support slot with Warrior Soul and well deserved it is too.

Really like this band, these guys play good time rock n' roll and they don’t stop through out the whole album.


 Previously calling themselves Shit !?!, they are anything but! ... and the guitar work is brilliant.


You can instantly tell they are influenced by bands such as The Cult and Aerosmith, they have a vibe that is reminiscent of all that was wonderful in the rock music of the 60’s and 70’s, but this is also original and bang up to date.


'My Love To Someone Else' is a really fantastic single and will hopefully get lots of airplay.  It's so hard to choose a standout track as they are all brilliant in their individual way.


'The Pirate Song' is a brilliantly fun orchestrated drinking song, which will hopefully become something of a favourite, it is future anthem and these Swedish dudes pull it off with out a hitch.


Reviewing this whole album I could not find one duff song and love it so much, it's definitely one of my favourite releases so far this year.


Sadly I will miss their tour this time around, because of other commitments, but will be looking out for their next UK appearance, you can be sure of that!  Give them a listen and see what you think, they promise much for their live shows.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. My Love To Someone Else
2. What's So Hard
3. Dead End Town
4. Arrange
5. The Pirate Song
6. Generation Shit
7. Serving Sam (Break It Down)
8. Wasted Hours
9. Wherever You May Be

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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