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                                                                                                          Burn Em All

                                                                                                          Label: Street Symphonies Records

                                                                                                          Release Date:  Feb 28th 2020

Here at The Metal Gods Meltdown we seem to Interview and Review an untold amount of Bands from Sweden and yet another one has hit our doormat as we get the chance to Review  the New release from the Mighty Sleazetastic, panty wetting, five piece  Confess..

                                                                                       And what a beauty it is!


“Burn Em All” will have you hooked line and sinker after its first spin. Opening with “So What”  a damn catchy maelstrom of head banging , fist punching, instantly sumptuous  music grabs ya by the balls and has ya singing along instantly! Fuck yeah this is Partying, good time, dancing on the tables Rock n Roll!  Hell am worn out after the first track! How often can you say that about an opening song on an Album?

Throughout this release the Guitar man ship is hard and intense from Bloman and Pontus combined with the Rhythm section of Ludwig’s Bass and Samael’s Power House Drumming you will keep coming back for more. “Malleus” continues to shake the world, this is delicious  and  highly addictive as Vocalist John Elliot weaves his magic  on this punchy fun filled track that takes you back to the 80s with a 21st century twist!  


The next song steps down a gear, it’s  melodious feel fills the room as you enjoy the ride and helter skelter of “Welcome Insanity”.

This gritty , sleaze filled  monster continues with the magnificent “A Beautiful Mind”  it rocks up with some killer riffs and lyrics, wind down the windows and blast out loud as possible as we cruise down the sun drenched strip, punch the air and sing along, you could really be back in the hedonistic Eighties, yeah love it!   The Hard rocking “Heresy” hits the spot with its intent then we come to the title track “Burn Em All”   a punchy, head bashing number that will have venues far and wide shaking their booty as these Swedes deliver the goods.


The obligatory Ballad is up next “Is it love” yes for this Opus without a doubt! Not a massive fan of Ballads to be honest, but yeah a strong song, that’s just been released and should be high in the charts. There is no rest for the wicked as normal service resumes with my two personal favourites “My Vicious Way” is another with a full on dancing vibe that simply steals your soul with its vibrant grooves, one that’s going on to my gym mix for sure as is the super buzz fest that is “509” full to the brim with whoa woahs and punkish attitude all I can say is “Woah woooooah”!!  Penultimate tune “Prominence” hits and continues to rock you senseless as we come to the final song “One for The Road”   a fitting end to a superb platter, this will see you raising your glasses, singing your self hoarse  with horns in the air salute to these maestros of the Swedish Sleaze scene.  All hail CONFESS!  


To sum up:  This release is hellish  Rawk n Roll at its Best,  make sure your light a fire and  “Burn Em All”  as Sleaze Rock is still alive and Blazing bright in 2020!


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:9/10                              Facebook

Reviewed: 17/02/2020


Track List

1.So What


3.Welcome Insanity

4.A Beautiful Mind


6.Burn Em All

7.Is it love

8.My Vicious Way



11.One For The Road


Band Line up

John Elliot - Vox
Samael - Drums
Ludwig - Bass
Blomman - Guitar
Pontus - Guitar


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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