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                                                                                                   CROM interview  14.01.22

MM: Congratulations on "The Era of Darkness" which is released soon how excited are u to be unleashing this album to the world

Every release is something special to me, from the first release on!! So I'm still very excited about the release of "The era of darkness" and I hope people will like it like we do. But we have some great reviews yet and I think it will as popular as the previous releases.


MM: Tell us the inspirations and ideas behind this album

This album is a kind of a concept album. It's not a real concept album but 6 tracks are connected. It's a about a population who lost their biggest warriors/heroes and then fell into "the era of darkness". The warriors/heroes wander through countries, cursed by an unknown power. Meanwhile their old world is destroyed and darkness fell upon it. But after a long odyssey the heroes find back their way home and end the era of darkness by winning a final battle against darkness.

MM:Which track from the album would you play to me if I had never heard of CROM

before I think "In your eyes" is a typical Crom song. There are lots of accoustic guitars, great leads, lots of great vocal lines and a great chorus in the end. So this would be my choice.


MM: The album cover is interesting what's the story behind , and do u intend to have it framed in your home

Indeed Steve gave me a special frame for vinyls and so the vinyl will decorate my home walls soon!! The cover was made once again by the great Belgian artist Kris Verwimp. He has made every cover artwork for Crom and so he was my first choice once again. Kris knew the songs and I gave him lots of space for feeling free in his work. I really like this artwork!!


MM: Tell us your plans for the year and where will u be touring this album

There's no plans about a tour. Due to our families and professions, a touring life is actually not possible at all. But we will have a release concert right now at 21st of February and some more single concerts at festivals. You can see shows of us at festivals in Bavaria, Mannheim, Tirol and also Copenhagen.


MM:Do you plan to do live feeds at some of your shows

No, unfortunately there are no plans to do this.

MM: Who would be your ultimate band to go on tour with I don't really have any band in my mind but I think it a package of Crom and Atlantean Kodex would be a cool and enormous epic package.

MM: Tell us your best experience playing live so far

Our best experience was maybe at Metal4meinerzhagen. We never had such a great audience like there. People really loved us and I think we were the real headliner of this night although we were playing as band number three... .

MM: And now your worst

I will never let you know the name of the band but we have played with a very experienced Hard Rock Band and they were fucking arrogant!! We only talked one single sentence with the whole band and I have to tell you that regularly we are very communicative!! But we had only very few bad experiences...


MM: Which song do u think has the heaviest riff of all time

People will hate me but my spontaneous idea is the main riff of Sad but true. Very heavy!!!! But I could name so much more...


MM: U can only listen to 5 bands for the rest of your life who would u choose

Uh, very difficult, but I think it would be Kiss, Guns n' Roses, Bathory, Megadeth and the Beatles.


MM: What was the last song you listened to

Skid Row - In a darkened room


MM: Tell me why we should check out and listen to CROM

If you you are interested in classic heavy metal in a very epic and unique way we could be interesting for all metalheads!! I know Crom is not the type of modern metal but we do a very unique way since many years and this is what distinguishes us from many other bands.


MM:Final words for your fans and our readers

Enjoy our new album and give the songs enough time to grow!!! We hope we can see you at one of our live gigs!!!

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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