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MM: First up can you give us a very brief history of your band and what other
names did you come up with before settling on Candleback
I had a couple of ideas for a perfect bandname, but Kohlén was very eager about
Candleblack. So when he perfectly introduced the name and magical concept around
it I resigned. I knew about Kohlén since we met a few times on local metal concerts,
but back then just as a dude that was into metal. In 2018 I got to know him as a
musician when he just randomly asked me if I was interested in putting my voice on
a song of an old heavy metal project he had back then. During that process we get
to know each other a bit more and realized that we shared both musical visions as
much as lyrical ideas and it led us to forming Candleblack in 2022.
MM:Tell us about  your Album What can we expect from it
This is the perfect journey through pain and pleasure. A blast of devilish metal with
harsh growl, sometimes clean vocals, upon the perfect blend of heavy riffing, groove
and melodies. It will take you from vast battlefields to majestic triumphs down to
the deepest and darkest caverns of mankind. This album could have been named
Songs of anger and frustration. And a matter of fact, that was one of the ideas I
had on the album title. Songs to listen to when you are utterly pissed off,
frustrated or sad.
I see this album as very different towards other metal albums and I find it hard to
label. The diversity won´t make it easier either. When you listen to one song and
feel that it belongs to a specific genre then the next song will fuck that up. But in
the end, there is something special that runs through every song and completes the
theme of the album and Candleblack. It reflects anger, extreme frustration and
resignation in a complex way. Music wise it´s very driving and catchy throughout the
whole album and has a great mix of the harsh and melodic. Kohlén has his unique idea
that the music has to be interesting even if you turn off the vocals so perhaps that
is what makes it stand out for me.
MM:Which track would you play me to introduce me to your band
Cult of death is far from our best song, but it somewhat gives you a good
introduction to our sound and ingredients used on this album. Here´s both the
catchy, the ugly and the beautiful.
MM: Did you have a release party
Nope. We aren´t happy dudes and we don´t like people so throwing a party is not
our thing.

MM: How hard is it to get the recognition you deserve when there are so many
bands around today especially in Sweden
I guess that is as it has always been. Either you have the money to pay the radio
stations and magazines to play and promote your music, you know the right people or
you have the energy yourself to promote the fuck out of yourself. Otherwise, you
will definitely fail…
MM: Plans for the rest of the year
We are having a month break from writing to actually just spend time on promoting
Candleblack and the album. Then we are focusing on writing new music, aiming for a
new release fall 2024. We have plans on releasing at least one more song before the
end of the year, but we´ll see how that goes.
MM: What was the first gig/ concert u ever went to
I´m not sure, but I think that has to be Bolt-thrower, Benediction and Vader in
January 1992.
MM: And The last one
A couple of month back I went to see Sabaton and Hulkoff when they played in our
MM: Name three bands that have influenced you in your journey as a musician
Three out of many bands… Bon Jovi, Slayer, Deicide
MM: If there was a Heavy Metal song about yourself what would it be called
The beauty in the beast or a A tender piece of meat that turned into concrete
MM: Is there particular a song written by someone else you wish u had
The fairytale of New York by the Pogues, En vintersaga interpreted by Jerry
Williams or In hell I burn by Deicide
MM: Tell me why we should check out your band

If you´re looking for something new, hateful, furious and beautiful at the same time
this is the creation you shall give a chance. And by all means, imagine your devotion
if we would have been played on radio….
Fast five
1.Vinyl or digital
2.Meatballs or beer
3.festival or small intimate gig
4.Saint or sinners
5.Abba or Hellacopters 
Any final words for your fans our viewers and listeners
“We attract all your negative energy as the candleblack we are and we blast it back
with an attack of pure, well packaged devilish metal.”


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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