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                                                                                                          Crystal Viper

                                                                                                      Queen of The Witches

                                                                                                      Label: AFM Records

                                                                                                      Release Date:17th February 2017

Its been four years since Polish Heavy Metallers Crystal Viper released  an Album as  Vocalist Marta Gabriel was forced to stop singing because of  Health issues , Thankfully she has been successfully treated ,and now  the band  return with "Queen of The Witches" Having first hit the scene in 2003 when they were formed by Marta  the band  have released five Albums between 2007-2013 and toured extensively in 16 countries and now  in 2017 their latest album  combines Traditional Head Banging hymns, Speed Metal ,and Power Balladry ,they continue to  follow the  tradition of paying homage to the classic 80s Metal acts , with appearances from Manowar Co Founder and Guitar legend Ross The Boss, Mantas of Venom and Steve Bettney Vocalist of NWOBHM Band Saracen.


"Queen of The Witches" is a Concept Album that chronicles the story about Witches and True Evil , it opens with the first  Single "The Witch is Back" With a banshee wail Marta is well and truly back , drums pound, and guitars ignite as you bang your head to the Metal assault, it  showers you with its molten  steel  and brutalises your cranium, this is a dazzling return.

"I Fear No Evil"  continues to fascinate ,and drawing you into its web of  devilish delights as the Drums hammer and the Riffs continue to deliver Classic Traditional Metal at its best! The next two tracks slow things down as the mellifluous "When The Sun Goes Down"  floats into your presence followed by the warm and soothing Vocal delivery from the ultra talented Marta on "Trapped Behind" this sends tingles up and down your spine it is an exceptionally well worked  lament of a song , this will move  even the hardest of hearts.


Things are brought back to full Metal life with the racing guitars opening the Maidenesque "Do or Die"  which features Ross The Boss on this Banging Anthem,this is catchy as hell and will be a treat live! The heat continues to envelop  you as "Burn My Fire Burn" unleashes its fury.

Then my personal favourite track on here "Flames and Blood"is unleashed and includes Mantas manic shredding , head smashingly killer solo on this speeding monster.

The tempo is brought down with the extraordinary Power Ballad "We Will Make It Last Forever" featuring Steve Bettney sharing Vocal duties with Marta, a song that is so soaked in the roots of the Hard Rocking Eighties , you could close your eyes and be back there!!


"Rise of The Witch" is a punishing song  awakening you from the previous track , the obligatory pedal hits the Metal with this the penultimate track and the closing song is a cover of Grim Reapers "See You In Hell" a Metal Anthem if ever there was one. So

Indeed Crystal Viper are well and truly BACK! They return to have you fist punching the air, singing yourself hoarse and shredding your neck muscles! Hell Yeah ! go and grab a hold of "Queen of The Witches"!!


Review:Seb Di Gatto     Score:9/10



Track listing:

1. The Witch Is Back

2. I Fear No Evil

3. When the Sun Goes Down

4. Trapped Behind

5. Do or Die

6. Burn My Fire Burn

7. Flames and Blood

8. We Will Make It Last Forever

9. Rise of the Witch Queen

10. See You in Hell


Band Line up:

Marta Gabriel - vocals, guitars and piano, Andy Wave - guitars, Golem - drums, Blaze J. Grygiel - bass guitar





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