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                                                                                           BLACK LADEN CROWN

                                                                                           Label: AFM Records

                                                                                           Release Date:26th May 2017

Danzig returns with his first original release since 2010s “Death Red Sabaoth” hving released a cover Album in 2015 called “Skeletons” I personally couldn’t wait to listen to the great man’s latest Album.


What first struck me was the poor Album Artwork, something outta of the eighties and not very impressive I hoped the songs on “Black Laden Crown” would make up for the not so impressive cover. I don’t know what to say really, when so many bands seem to be churning out excellent work nearly daily you would expect an icon of the scene to be turning out something electrifying and tantalising.

Sadly, this is not the case with “Black Laden Crown” don’t get me wrong there are a few strong songs on here but seriously you would expect better. Stand out songs are “Last Ride” “Blackness Falls” and “Skulls and Daises” the rest I can’t really get into ,the opener is a long dirge, the first single from here “Devil on Hwy 9” has to be the weakest track and I can’t fathom out why it would be the lead single.


To say I am very disappointed by this release ( having been a fan of Evil Elvis from the early days ) is an understatement. The fact it’s taken seven years to release something new and original disappoints as well.


In the summer, Danzig will be celebrating 25 years since the iconic Danzig III was unleashed upon the world, that’s something I would love to witness, as for “Black Laden Crown” it’s not one to celebrate. 

As Glenn is no spring chicken these days I really, really hope he comes back with a stronger , better Album and doesn’t make us wait another seven years!

Review: Seb Di Gatto      Score:7/10




01. Black Laden Crown
02. Eyes Ripping Fire
03. Devil On Hwy 9
04. Last Ride
05. The Witching Hour
06. But A Nightmare
07. Skulls & Daisies
08. Blackness Falls
09. Pull The Sun

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