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                                                                                                               Title: Duality
                                                                                                               Label: Black Lodge 
                                                                                                               Release Date: 23rd October 2020
The hugely successful Danish Metallers Defecto return with "Duality" and what a barnstorming monster it is, to be fully savored and adored.
Opening up in an emphatic style "Rings of Saturn" builds up then sees Nicklas Sonne unleash his Vocal might, while Mikkel Christensen powers out an awe-inspiring Drumbeat, as  Thomas Bartholin batters the Bass, and the twin-guitar assault from Sonne and Frederik Møller throw out the riffs like six-string confetti as this melodic and powerful opening let you know you are in for a real treat with this work.  My personal favorite builds into something simply amazing as "The Uninvited" smashes in doors, I love everything about this track as these Danes deliver on every front with Sonnes Vocals holding such depth and meaning. "Rise" is chugging as the Drums are flayed and rocks your obligatory socks off!

"Paradigm of Deceit" is a slow burner for me and took a while to get into if am honest but hell it's a keeper with its deep and heartfelt content.

"All for You" and the addictive "Untamed" are two of the heaviest tracks on here and verges between heavy as hell and melodic changing tempos throughout.  "Condemned" continues to annihilate everything that gets in its way with its vibrant delivery as we come to "Bed of Nails"...No not that Alice Cooper song! this sticks deep into your soul and mesmerizes one. The penultimate track "Washed Away"  doesn't wash away it washes into your mind body and soul.

The final track "Tempest" is the third single and easy to see why, and thus ends a complete work of art!
"Duality" is full to the brim of deep and meaningful music that ticks all the boxes and more as this their third Album kicks serious ass in October and is easily up there as an Album of the year. Defecto have their Hooks in you and simply don't let go, so if you want to listen to a record that has deep feelings and depth then "Duality " is a must for your collection!

Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9/10          Facebook

Reviewed: 10/10/20

1. Rings of Saturn
2. The Uninvited
3. Rise
4. Paradigm of Deceit
5. All For You
6. Untamed
7. Condemned
8. Bed of Nails
9. Washed Away
10. Tempest
11. Don´t Say Goodbye


Thomas Bartholin – Bass
Nicklas Sonne – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Mikkel Christensen – Drums
Frederik Møller – Lead Guitar



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