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                                                                                                               Demise of The Crown

                                                                                                    Label: Independent

                                                                                                    Release Date 4th March 2016

From Montreal Canada we have Metallers Demise of the Crown. This self-titled Album is an interesting release ,full of Progressive curves and face shredding riffs that entertain  making  this a competent release.


Opening with “We Are Invincible”  a monstrous mix of powerful melody’s that introduce you to this band , you cannot fail to be impressed by Darrren Beadmans forceful vocals , hammering guitars courtesy of Manuel Iradian ,and Simon Syaz ,combined with the booming rhythm section from Dani Toxi on Bass and Kevy Metal  Drums! “Human Denial” intimidates and menaces as the band deliver riffs that would scare a horde of hungry Rottweilers, I especially love the way the track slows down and chugs to a close.  


“Save Me” is a mosh pit of heavy laden bass, and machine gun drumming that sees you raising your fists and saluting these Canadians!

 Next we come to “Sides of The Wave” it crashes in and blows your mind with its chugging guitars ,it's venomous delivery is as dangerous as a cornered , wounded snake !  The tone slows down for “Don’t Worry” which quite frankly I found a dirge, although the musicianship is classy , and the opening works really well but it’s the chorus which becomes a tad too much and kind of takes the whole uplifting effects of the previous tracks ,then spirals you into a bit of downer!


My favourite on here 'Cold Dead Eyes' rips into your head, has a kick about, then slows down to become something really dramatic , and pretty damn outstanding.


“Eons” brings the Album to it's end, and together with “Don’t Worry” are the weakest tracks ,  “Eons” is a lot better but it doesn’t get your blood pumping like most of the tracks on this opus, although it has potential and will probably go down well live.  To sum up  Demise of The Crown have a budding future that will hopefully see them get worldwide attention!


Review :Seb Di Gatto  Score :8/5/10             Facebook  


1. We Are Invincible
2. Human Denial
3. Save Me
4. Sides Of The Wave
5. Don’t Worry
6. Cold Dead Eyes
7. Eons



Darren Beadman: Vocals...

Manuel Iradian: Lead Guitar...

Simon Sayz: Guitar...

Dany Toxic: Bass...

Kevy Metal: Drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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