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                                                                                                Diamond Plate 
                                                                                   Generation Why     Earache Records

'Generation Why' is a ground breaking Metal album that doesn’t have one dud track on it. 


The musicianship is fantastic, especially when you realise the band first released their 'Mountains of Madness' E.P in 2008, when nearly all of the band weren’t even 16 then!.  


And if thrash isn’t your cup of Jaeger, I would still give this album a listen, you might surprise yourself.  Stand out tracks? ... they are all stand out! Starting from the title track 'Generation Why'.  This track is a perfect example of all the intensity that you will find throughout the album, and the catchiness will make you want to keep playing this track more and more.


'Pull The Trigger' is another track that will just make you want to turn the volume up to eleven and scare the neighbours with!.  Bearing in mind you are only on the third track of eleven, it just shows what a fantastic frenetic album you have.


And believe me it only gets better, these guys are going to hopefully set the whole metal scene alight soon.  Just listen to 'Tomb With A View' and every track for that matter and you will see what I mean.


You get solos and drums on 'More Than Words', then it's full on with 'At The Mountains Of Madness'.  Jon Macaks growling, screaming voice is immense and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up throughout.


This is in no way your bog standard Thrash album, this is so much more.  This is without a doubt one of the best Thrash bands out there.   Pulling their influences from Exodus, Testament and Nuclear Assault, Diamond Plate are even "A Testament" to some of the new breed of thrash metal bands out there.


The last track 'Empire Tomorrow' is an eight minute monster and has super fast bass and drums, and immense guitar playing with awesome vocals.


'Generation Why' is a masterpiece and in time I hope it will be recognised as one of the most ferocious, important and influential thrash albums of 2011.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Entertainment Today
2. Generation Why
3. Pull The Trigger
4. Tomb With A View
5. Fools Paradise
6. Relativity
7. Waste Of Life
8. Casualty Of War
9. More Than Words
10. At The Mountains Of Madness
11. Empire Tomorrow 

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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