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                                                                                               Drip Fed Empire  12/01/24

MM: First up can you give us some insight into your soon-to-be-released album "Revolutionist" ? 

Revolutionist tackles everything that is wrong with the human race and comment on society as a whole. Everything from War, social media, mental health struggles and more. You can expect to hear a wide sonic palette throughout with everything from Nu Metal, Metalcore, Industrial & even a Progressive track to close the record off.  


MM: Will you be having a release party and plans to stream it live? 

There will be an album launch show in Bristol when it drops on 26.01.24 where we’ll be playing the record live cover to cover. It’ll be available on all streaming sites that day too.  


MM: Which would you say is your favourite track on the album today and why? 

I’d have to say Arcane is my favourite track simply because it’s something a little different from us and we’re very excited to see what the response is going to be like.  


MM: Plans for tour and festivals for the year? 

We have a few dates this month and next to support the release of the album: 26.01 Bristol and 04.02 in Nottingham. We’re also booked to play Mangata Festival alongside some wicked acts such as Hacktivist, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship to name a few on 13.07.  


MM: What’s the best and worst thing about touring? 

Best thing about touring is playing shows. Worst thing is carrying gear.  


MM: Which Band would be your ultimate touring buddies?  

We’d love to hook up some more shows with ALT BLK ERA. Those lot are rad!  


MM: If you could have a dream band including yourself who would be in your line up? 

Vocals: Chester Bennington, Drums: Abe Cunningham, Bass: Sam Rivers, Guitar: John Frusciante, Synths: Jordan Fish.  


MM: What album first introduced you to Heavy Metal? 

Would have to Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park. 


MM: If there was a heavy metal song about yourself what would it be called? 

Back to school by Deftones MM: Four words to describe Drip Fed Empire More of everything loud Final Words for your fans and our readers New single Arcane drops 19.01, save the date! 

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