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                                                                                               Title: Defiance

                                                                                                Label: Independent
                                                                                               Release date: 01/09/2023
STOP THE PRESS!! The future of Metal is saved! With many of our idols aging and retiring is great to see so many new bands emerging and one such band is the amazing and exciting ELECTRON with their debut album"Defiance" comprising Jason Payne (Vocals/Guitar), Joanna Hyde (Bass), and Nuno Bessa (Drums) these guys put their mark on your soul and smash the speakers with their insanely intense delivery and ballsy attitude to see everyone sit up and take notice.
Heavily influenced by Architects, Metallica, Halestorm, Linkin Park, Rammstein, and Alter Bridge this defiant work draws its influence from those crazy COVID times and the fucked up world we are left with since those uncertain days.  Opening with "Burn it Down" featuring the amazing talent that is Daisy Pepper this song goes for the jugular and doesn't lessen its grip and delivers on all fronts as the meandering solo prickles your skin simply an outstanding start. "Break Me" has a feel of Chester Bennington about it and is melodic and damn heavy and has a crushing vibe as this number hisses at you like a pissed-off rattlesnake shakes its tail then goes in for the kill with its venomous sting.

I have so many favorites on here but I think track three is up there today The vocals from Jason Payne aren't simply sung they etch themselves into your subconscious like some subliminal message as "Throw Me Away" works its magical tones. The heavy and doomy opening to "Forsaken" takes you by surprise as it builds into an angst-filled hymn of metal delights. "March of Death" is a meandering riff-filled piece that leads into the killer"Survivor" Like all of the songs on this opus they are hard-hitting but none more for me personally than "Survivor" It will leave you breathless with its intensity and has just been released, love its delivery and meaning and raw passion that exudes from this song.

The opus has three guest appearances and the second is on "Dark Vibes" as Inaki Concepcion rocks up and is another one to have you singing your lungs out to which brings us nicely into "M.A.D" a behemoth of neck-straining insanity as this thought-provoking triumph continues as this pounding beastie becomes mutually destroyed destruction. This work of art continues to go from strength to strength with each track outdoing the previous one as "Inhuman" shakes the foundations of the room, we are then introduced to Andy Marongelli from Arthemis as he makes his guitar sing on "Dying Light".

"Psycho" could have been written for me and many of us! a true anthem of massive proportions love the chugging vibe as the music wraps itself around you simply intense and moreish yet another track I keep returning to! The penultimate track and the final track (the title Defiance)  both open gently and then deliver a smorgasbord of emotions. Really in a fair world, both songs would be high up in the charts and with contionus airplay.

Simply put I can't enthuse enough about this band and the album will give you the strength to smash  through  the daily grind and life
Suckerpunch the world with a triumphant blow this is one of the albums of the year from a UK artist in my humble opinion and a band to watch out for when they hit venues near you. ELECTRON take no prisoners and be ready to take on anything with "Defiance".

Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9/10

1: Burn It Down (feat. Daisy Pepper); 
2: Break Me!
3: Throw Me Away
4: Forsaken
5: March Of Death
6: Survivor
7: Dark Vibes (feat. Inaki Concepcion)
8: M.A.D
9: Inhuman
10: Dying Light (feat. Andy Martongelli)
11: Psycho
12: Sick And Wrong
13: Defiance.


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