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                                                                                                          The Storm Within

                                                                                                          AFM Records

                                                                                                          Release Dat:e 9th September 2016

Evergrey return with possibly their deepest, strongest and darkest release to date and it all coincides with the bands twentieth anniversary. Opening with a piano intro that’s funereal in texture the band then proceeds to draw you in with some heavy guitars ,   the wonderful vocal tones of Mr Tom Englund  beautifully  convey the deep, insightful lyrics that Evergrey are so well known for , this opener is a delicious morsel of Melodic Metal and was indeed the first single from this album and it is very easy to see why. It has  a singalong chorus that will send shivers up and down your spine , the song ends with a choir that leaves an ethereal mark on your being.


“Passing Through” is full of keyboard wizardry and skin peeling riffs that mix in to a prog tastic five minutes that lead to my personal favourite track on here ,the stunning and electrifyingly catchy “Someday” the lyrics are so meaningful , the music chugs , taking you to another plane of existence where maybe you can look back on the past mistakes , it has a quality of gigantic possibilities , it will be simply stunning when performed live.

“Astray”  chugs along , Englunds  larynx is given an extreme work out as the song wraps itself around you.

“The Impossible” is a mellow piece and outstanding in it's delivery ,Tom Englund has drawn on personal themes as is the Evergrey standard and indeed this  release focuses on losing a loved one, grieving , coping with life when you feel like you are just living on automatic and feeling uncomfortably numb from whatever situation has irrevocably changed your life.


I feel “The Impossible” is the centre piece for the whole conception of “The Storm Within” it’s not Metal ,  More Soft Rock but nevertheless it is out of this world. Then the Metal is back and it's heads down as you return to the grind with the heavy and pounding “My Allied Ocean” Henrik  Danhage makes his guitar scream and  Jonas Ekdahl delivers some head bruising killer drumming fused with Johan Niemen’s Bass booming and shaking the walls. “In Orbit” sees a super duet with Floor Jansen from  Nightwish , it’s a tune that surprises and enthrals  as Rikard Zanders keyboard  takes you on a magic carpet ride of amazing twists and turns, I really hope Floor and Tom team up again in the future as this is truly glorious. “The Lonely Monarch” blisters and rocks you to your very core, the guitar man ship gives you the shivers , A bit like “The Impossible” we next have “The Paradox of the Flame” where Tom's Wife Carina guests , this is  a spiritual, poignant piece which is simply imposing and breath taking.


Penultimate song “Disconnect” is the longest track  running just short of seven minutes , it’s a mix of heaviness and quieter moments enveloping you with  shredding guitars then choral moments…simply magnificent! The final song which is the title track “The Storm Within” brings to a close a landmark Album from these Metallic Aces, it’s a stunning finish to a great piece of work!

I will admit  having to really listen a few times to this Album to fully appreciate its quality and get into the whole concept , this is a record to persevere with it is well worth it! To sum up yet another album in 2016 that gets the thumbs up from The Metal Gods Meltdown. This is superb, deep dark and brooding  Some may say the themes are depressing ,and dark , but  “The Storm Within” is exceptional.


Review Seb Di Gatto      Score: 9.5/10


Review Written : 9.08.16


Track listing:


2.Passing Through



5.The Impossible

6.My Allied Ocean

7.In Orbit

8.The Lonely Monarch

9.The Paradox of The Flame



-             Tom S. Englund (vocals, guitars)

-             Rikard Zander (keys, backing vocals)

-             Johan Nieman (bass, backing vocals)

-             Henrik Danhage (guitars, backing vocals)

-             Jonas Ekdahl (drums)



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