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                                                                                                      Label:From The Vaults

                                                                                                      Release Date:10th March 2023

Kick ass Danish metal machine Exelerate deliver an album of purebred powerful thrashing metal with their debut a glorious hell-to-leather ride of gigantic riffs, head bangingly delirious music awaits the listener.

With gentle opening tones “Arrival” builds into something amazing as we delve into this killer debut album. Stefan Jensen’s vocals will make your skin prickle as we are then led into a maelstrom of fist-pummelling delirium as “No Escape” sees you batten down the hatches and bang your head as the chorus embeds itself into your cerebral cortex the guitars from Stefan and Mads Sørensen are immense as the rhythm section of Jo Klarstrup (bass) and Stig Eilsøe work their magic with killer grooves.


The powerful thrashing metal continues as my favourite track on this platter is unleased the face smashing “Spawn of Satan” fires on all cylinders a real ball-busting attack on the senses as this monster running just short of eight minutes, becomes a pure force of thrashing metal insanity exploding out of ya speakers. Just when you thought things couldn’t go up another notch, the band bring on the metal big style with the storming “Release”.  There’s a definite vibe of Iron Maiden as “Children of the Sun” spills out of your speakers, that’s never a bad thing in my humble opinion, its massive with great guitars, thumping drums, and pulsating bass lines this is Traditional Heavy Metal at its best!

The guys show their versatility as the mighty “God of Man” sees the tempo reduced slightly, but the power never ceases as this massive slab of music ebbs and flows like a virtual metal roller coaster. “Lethal Assault” does exactly that and more it’s a feverish morsel of neck-breaking intent.  The penultimate number “In between insanity” like the previous track will see you banging your head and punching the sky in salute as these Danes work their magical charms and leave the listener totally spellbound. This work of art closes with “Epilogue” a glorious piece and end to this release.

This debut is a must-have and gets unleashed by these Danes on the 10th of March, be sure to grab a copy as this is one of the releases of the year as it has all the right ingredients to become a classic and one all aspiring bands should strive to replicate.

Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9.5/10



1. Arrival

2. No Escape

3. Spawn of Satan

4. Release

5. Children of The Sun

6. God of Man

7. Lethal Assault

8. In Between Insanity

9. Epilogue

Mads Sørensen: guitars 
Stefan Jensen: vocals, guitars 
Io Klarstrup: bass
Stig Eilsøe-Madsen: drums 


Exelerate | Facebook

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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