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                                                                                                         The Raging Tides

                                                                                                         Metal Blade Records   

                                                                                                         Release Date 29 th January  2016


Exumer return with Album number four the aptly titled “The Raging Tides” it’s a crushing reappearance from these cult icons as they unleash all hell with the  opening title track , it’s  volatile and  will see mosh pits exploding, heads banged, and bodies strewn around the Metal Battle field, it's a frenzied attack that simply doesn’t let up in its relentless detonation.

Most of the Album concentrates lyrically on human torture for Religious, political or personal gain with the ebb and flow of human misery , despair all around the globe. “Brand of Evil “strikes hard with the drumming, punching you full  in the face as vocalist Stein welcomes you to the “Brand of Evil” a song focusing on  conditions in some of the worst prisons in the world.


 The mighty riffs are un relenting as this opus  continues ,ensuring an enthused mosh pit frenzy, this is Old School thrash dragged  kicking and screaming into 2016,there are killer Riffs and in-depth thought provoking  lyrics on “Catatonic” a personal highlight for me ,and one I kept returning to , it reminded me of the first time I heard Slayers “Angel of Death” it envelops you as the words bury them self-deep in your very being, it’s an addictive crunching number with the drums thundering and guitars delivering some bone breaking riffs, awesome is too tame a word for this song! It's  Vicious, and lethal “Sacred  Defense” storms   the room with its unstoppable Thrash assault, just to show the world that Exumer maybe getting older but like a fine wine this band have matured and become even better they really are relentless in their delivery.


“Welcome to Hellfire” focuses on the human rights abuses in a prison in Nigeria where at the entrance “Welcome to Hell Fire” confronts  inmates. This track rips through you like a tornado of lost souls it is fast, aggressive and gripping . “

“Sinister Souls” has some shredding that will induce a heart attack it is beautiful in a merciless way, this will see you straining your neck ,and yearning to stage dive into the pit. “Shadow Walker” deals with those deluded souls who follow radicalized ideas and throw their lives away to follow so called causes, and how they are usually tricked and brought to the brink of ruination by the leaders of so called Cults / Political organizations.


“There Will Always Be Blood” will continue to give your neck a rigorous workout as the band delivers some brain cell destroying riffs and vocals combined with foreboding lyrics, “The World Wants to Die” insinuates  itself as the screams of the world signal the inevitable hell of war. “Dark Reflections” and the final song the blistering  “Death Factory” like “Catatonic” are songs you will keep returning to time and time again they are outstanding pieces of Thrash Metal that will  most definitely  be seen as some of Exumers best work ,if not some of the best Thrash masterpieces in history.   


“The Raging Tides”  is the bands fourth album after 30 years of being in existence ,and quite simply it’s an album that will enthuse the bands loyal, patient fans and continue to see the legions grow. Lyrically it is intense, deep, and disturbing as the band have obviously researched and investigated the appalling atrocities that happen daily in the world, it’s a shame the mainstream artists can’t seem to focus their attention on the “Real” things happening in the world at times.  Anyway This is one Brutal, Aggressive Album that hits you like a sledgehammer full in the chops ,with its explosive and intense mastery. A must have for any Thrash / Metal head!  


Stein commented “These topics are obviously not born from a vacuum, rather they are essentially a constant in daily lives in 2015, both by way of the modern 24-hour news cycle, and document leaks and controversy via WikiLeaks or figures like Edward Snowden. ” Hes also stated “The lyrics I wrote were inspired by a wide range of books and articles I read, ranging from the investigation of tactics employed by the CIA, to Amnesty International reports on conditions in prisons, and in Nigeria with extreme forms of human abuse.”


Review: Seb Di Gatto Score:9.5/10



The Raging Tides" track listing:

01. The Raging Tides
02. Brand Of Evil
03. Catatonic
04. Sacred Defense
05. Welcome To Hellfire
06. Sinister Souls
07. Shadow Walker
08. There Will Always Be Blood
09. Dark Reflections
10. Death Factory
11. Forever My Queen (PENTAGRAM cover; bonus track)
12. Hostage To Heaven (GRIP INC. cover; bonus track feat. Rob Dukes, Waldemar Sorychta, Markus Freiwald)


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Mem V. Stein - Vocals

Ray Mensh – Guitars

T. Schiavo - Bass

Matthias K. – Drums

Marc B.-Guitars


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