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                                                   Flotsam And Jetsam 
                                                  Ugly Noise  Metal Blade 

The Mighty Flotsam and Jetsam have released a self-financed album,  this is the bands eleventh studio album recorded with two of the groups original members, Michael Gilbert (guitar) and Kelly David Smith (drums), the legendary Jason Newstead returns to his old stamping ground co-writing some songs on 'Ugly Noise'.  The album opens with the title track this is promising stuff, crunching riffs and a shouty chorus are the order of the day, what a great start and then 'Gitty Up' continues to get the blood pumping and will create a mild explosion of mosh-pit carnage! 


Now I just had to look and check my I-pod to make sure am still listening to the same album!  'Run and Hide' is NOT what you expect on a Flotsam and Jetsam album!  It's keyboard led opening and a poppy opening is a shock, and when it opens up a bit more it kind of reminded me of James Hetfield singing one of Metallica’s slower songs (only a tiny bit!)…so all in all it isn’t a bad track , just the damn synthesizers spoil it!  Not what you expect from these thrashers! 


Everything is restored as 'Carry On' speeds up a bit, but not in a metal- moshing fashion! As the tune dips and curves and then goes all Frank Zappa in style! Yes Frank Zappa!  'Rabbits Foot' is another track that takes some listening to, it’s so not thrash!! In fact it is Hard Rock orientated. 


'Play Your Part' ups the tempo and has crunching riffs. 

The last four tracks on here are more than likely, going to keep the early Flotsam  fans and Metal Mosher’s happy as they kind of return to their much loved old style with 'Motherfuckery', the smashing and pulsating 'I Believe' and the old school thrashers will drool and party to 'To Be Free'. 


Then to the final track 'Machine Gun', which contains some sharp riffs and a tricky short guitar solo, which mows down all that stand in its way.  So to be honest if you are expecting a thrashing, screaming, head-banging album you are going to be disappointed with 'Ugly Noise', don’t get me wrong it is a good album and may even make the car for one of our many long journeys around the country!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Ugly Noise
2. Gitty Up
3. Run And Hide
4. Carry On
5. Rabbits Foot

6. Play Your Part
7. Rage
8. Cross The Sky
9. Motherfuckery
10. I Believe
11. To Be Free
12. Machine Gun

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