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                                                                                                 Chapter One  
                                                                           Label: RMB Records   Release Date: 20th March
Back in 2013 Italian hard rockers Grindhouse started work on their debut album Chapter One, fast forward two years and they are about to unleash eight tracks of sleaze inspired good time rocking, featuring the talents of Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart) on vocals. The album is full of good time Rawking and some shocking grooves, the shocking part is  the bands cover version of Chaka Khans "Ain't Nobody" why oh why they decided to cover this song is beyond me, but..and I mean this sincerely if you had never heard Khans song and this was there own track you might dig it , and to be the second track on a debut isn't good in my books maybe at the end of the album fair enuff.. I dunno..


Anyway I like the way the album opens with some pounding drums. and racing guitars, with Bormanns vocals instantly catching your attention , it promises well for the album but then err..its the Chaka Khan cover! "The Stunt" together with the opener is rawking, kicking over  dustbins and scaring the alley cat, ! Talking of cats this does kinda remind very much of the 80s hair metal rocking good time vibe that bands like Faster Pussycat and Motley Crue so mastered back then, this album is a throwback to those times without a doubt.


"The Wayout" has some seriously cool riffs , without a doubt the strongest song on here and one to speed down the motorway to. The obligatory Ballad "The Enemy" is nice but nothing extraordinary. "Nothing Gonna Stop Me" is standard sleaze and didn't rock my world nor did "Titty Twister" am sorry this has been done before so many times its tried and tested and boring in 2015! "Wild Dusk" sees the band down by the bayou with some catching , deep rooted blues its up their with "The Way Out".


Final track "What A Night" like the opening track promises much for what should be a kicking and screaming album, sadly there's a few tracks on here that just let this opus down..Shame really  "Chapter One"  has the potential to be so much more than it actually is..

Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score : 7.0/10                                   Website      Facebook                                            

1. After Midnight
2. Ain’t Nobody (Rufus & Chaka Khan cover)
3. The Stunt
4. The Way Out
5. The Enemy
6. Nothing Gonna Stop Me
7. Titty Twister
8. Wild Dusk
9. What a Night


Michael Bormann - Vocals
Stefano Martolini - Guitar
Giorgio Calabrese - Guitar
Piero Ventimiglio - Guitar
Andrea Cicero - Bass
Francesco Missale - Drums

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