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                                                                                                              Profound and Profane

                                                                                                              Label: Naplam Records                                          

                                                                                                              Release Date: 26th March

Chucking forth some thrash and roll Hammerfight release their second Album “Profound and Profane” These whiskey drinking Beer Drenched Metallers mix up all different Metal genres and release twelve aggressive, teeth smashing  tracks upon the world.


“Picking up Change” opens proceedings battering all that dare stand in its way, this a no nonsense track that sees Todd Stern and Dan Higgins shredding the life force out of their instruments, combined with  hammering drums courtesy of Justin Spaeth and gravel induced vocals from Drew Murphy accompanied by his deep and resonant bass playing .


This is one hell of a start to what is a competent head banging introduction to “Profound and Profane”. “Target Acquired” thrashes and rips the devils flesh with its machine gun drumming ,and angst filled vocals ,this is a standout track  dredging up memories of the early days of Thrash ,and when it slows down ,the way this song chugs and  speeds up again like a speeding juggernaut outta control on the devil’s highway.

The assault on your senses continues on “Into The Dark” which takes a melodic turn just past halfway, it’s a brief reprieve for your neck muscles that then become taut as you pummel the air with your fists and head bang yourself senseless! What I love most about this album are the drums ,they are damn fast and really compelling as “Good Times in Dark Ages” cracks you in the face with an iron fist this is deliriously addictive and a full force Metal machine.


The speeding Metal fest just doesn’t stop as “Gods of Rock n Roll” spews forth its venom in this relentless banging onslaught of neck straining delight!

Mid way through things take a completely different route with the Bluesy “Low & Broken” ,its acoustic guitar ,born on the bayou drinking JD kind of a tune that takes you by surprise at first but it really grows on you and is hypnotic.

“Private Stock” sees the band flying through the gears as the guitar solos and head destroying drums annihilate your brain. “The Ultimate Sacrifice” starts with a fusion of instruments that then throws you into a hardcore  head fuck! “Cell Mates” is another favorite , the way it opens gently then charges at you with full force like   Lucifer’s brigade on steeds from hell, the vocals burn  you as the band deliver some pure adrenaline induced musicianship.


Then the neck breaking “West Side Story” is unleashed as you body slam and bang your head to the mighty Hammerfight, damn that’s gonna go down well live! “The Crate” is a superb instrumental running just under five minutes it  really demonstrates the bands dexterity and jaw droppingly amazing musicianship.


Final track “Cult of Conceit” brings things to a close as the vocals return to  smash your skull! To sum up this an impressive Album that works its magic on you after the first listen..  Hammerfight are band to keep a look out for, they will be huge!


Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score: 8.5/10



1.Picking Up Change

2.Target Acquired

3.Into the Dark

4.Good Times in Dark Ages

5.Gods of Rock n' Roll

6.Low & Broken

7.Private Stock

8.The Ultimate Sacrifice

9.Cell Mates

10.West Side Story

11.The Crate

12.Cult Of Conceit



Drew Murphy - Bass, Vocals.

Todd Stern – Guitar

Dan Higgins – Guitar

Justin Spaeth - Drums


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