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Hangfire went down a storm at Hard Rock Hell at the end of last year and their debut is outstanding, it's bluesy, hard rocking, abounding with melodic grooves and soul. 

Hailing from South Wales and with a pedigree of established musicians in the band, such as ex Tigertailz, October Country, The Happening and Desecration making up the band you have one hell of a line up and 'Shoot The Crow' ticks all the boxes.


f you are like me, at times it’s just nice to step down a gear from the insanity of Metal and take a few hours out and listen to some Hard Rock!  Well Hangfire are your band.  We have eleven tracks of boogying, emotionally charged tracks here.  'Adrenalize' kicks the proceedings off and is a strong opener, pumping the blood through your veins. 

'For Crying Out Loud'  is one of my favourites on here, in fact I had both the album opener and 'For Crying Out Loud' on continuous repeat on my iPod. 

I really like the guitar riffs and Max Rhead's vocals are just so passionate this really is a winning number.  'Dead Man Walking' is a lovely, emotive song, delivered with real feeling.


It's sad heart felt lyrics tug at your heart it is a real classic, so much so it’s a final track on here as an acoustic version. 

Now the album title is up next and is a bit hit and miss for me, that’s not to say it’s not a good track, just didn’t make me want to shoot any crows!  Now this is more like it 'Faith In Me' is an uplifting sing along number and a real crowd pleaser. '“Slip Away' is a soulful, blues infused track to fill your soul, a really nice chilled out song.


'Fire In The Hole' has a Seventies vibe to it and has something addictive about it.  

'Drop The Bomb' is competent and then we get to the penultimate song 'Shadows Fall', scintillating guitars and another sing along number.  As previously mentioned the album finishes with the acoustic version of 'Dead Man Walking'.  Classic isn’t the word, there are no words really to sum up how much this song envelops you. 


'Shoot the Crows' has been out a while and is really worth getting hold of.  Hangfire hit the road soon around the UK and more dates to be added soon!  Catch them at the smaller venues while you can!  


Having recently signed to Ripple Music in the U.S. OF A., great things are expected of this band and I am sure the world will be their oyster!  This band deserve your attention and to be huge!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Adrenalise
2. For Crying Out Loud
3. Bodies
4. Deadman Walking
5. Shoot The Crow
6. Slip Away
7. Faith In Me
8. Fire In The Hole
9. Drop The Bomb
10. Shadows Fall
11. Deadman Walking (acoustic)

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