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                                                                                                       Hearts & Hand Grenades  

                                                                                                       Title: "Turning To Ashes" 

                                                                                                       Label: Eclipse Records

                                                                                                       Release Date: 8th January 2020

From Buffalo, New York Hearts & Hand Grenades are due to explode into the world with their debut album on the 8th of January.

This work is a surefire winning formula of edgy anthems to have you ripping off ya face muzzles and dancing on the bar tops and partying into the night.

Opening with the exceptionally addictive "Turning to Ashes" this has you instantly drawn into the Hard Rocking delirium as the title track works its moves as does the killer "For The Weakened" which has you raising your fists and roaring along, this track has an edginess to it that hooks you in and bombards your soul with its snazzy and catchy grooves.

More pissed off than an angry Rattle Snake we get to shake and dance as the angsty venom from the mega-talented vocalist Stephanie Wlosinski sears into your soul as "Daggers" cuts deep.

This release does have some gentler moments as "I Hide" oozes into the room its anthematic feel washes over you and resonates and feeds one with its exquisite moments.

The next song's tempo drags ya kicking and screaming back to the max as your heart races and sees your "Adrenaline" kickin ass as the beats and hard-rocking ecstasy continues to feed your soul Then my personal favorite "Nothing Left" Rocks up and stamps its mark as this swirling vortex of pure attitude delivers the goods, this should see the Band making it Big, it's sexy sassy and dammit this is Hard Rocking heaven. Think sitting on the veranda down by the Bayou as "The In Crowd" opens and then blows up and reminds me of the bastard child of L7 and err Four Non-Blondes!! It just does! The delicious tones ignite and then slow and leave this reviewer speechless. "My Sickness" is a thumping end to a stellar work of art from Hearts & Hand grenades, I can't recommend this enough it's the perfect cure in these virus ridden days of uncertainty, this is hellishly awesome as the grenades explode into your hearts!!

Review: Seb Di Gatto        Score.:8.5/10




1. Turning to Ashes

2. For the Weakened

3. Daggers

4. I Hide

5. Adrenaline

6. Nothing Left

7. The In Crowd

8. My Sickness         Hearts & Hand Grenades Interview:


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