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                                                                                                               Title: Vampiro

                                                                                                               Label: EMP Label Group

                                                                                                               Release Date :26th August 2016

Metal Icons Helstar return with “Vampiro” an Album full of tales about Vampires , Dracula and the many Creatures of the Night. This is not the first time this influential Metal Beast has touched on this subject, wind back to 1989 and the  acclaimed  album “Nosferatu” which saw the Band hit the heights worldwide and the anticipation could and should  be the same for “Vampiro” Helstar have recently  signed to Megadeths Dave Elleffsons label EMP this Powerhouse label could be exactly the right tonic to see these Houston Metallers Name back on everyone’s lips again in 2016.


“Awaken The Darkness” Opens with an eerie introduction that builds into a ferocious beastie as the twin guitars ignite and the unmistakable vocals of James Rivera cut through the room like a crystal ball that has smashed it's many shards cut deep and  awakens you to the Blackest nights of Hell.

The excellent head banging and brain cell destroying “Bloodlust” explodes into life , firing  up some Thrash inspired Metal Insanity to please you , then knock you senseless, its damn heavy and spins you into a full speed Metal Meltdown of gigantic proportions.


“To Dust You Will Become” Gallops like a steed escaping from a tsunami of rabid, bloodthirsty villainous monstrosities.

One of the Highlights for me is the catchy, crowd pleasing “Off with His Head” this is  gonna have the crowd singing along and shouting “Off with His Head”!! as Rivera’s deliriously athletic vocals take you through this number you can’t help but be spellbound by the pummelling hell for leather deliverance by these Metal veterans.

Mikey Lewis Drums thunder  beating you senseless with their unforgiving force, on “From The Pulpit to The Grave” it's bruising , splitting your  skull then slowing  down as the guitars chug , executing  some delirious riffs courtesy of Larry Barragan and Andrew Attwood, while Garrick Smiths Bass booms and wakes the undead. “To Their Death Beds They Fell” sees the band continue to work their magic as they  tear into your Metal soul. 

“Malediction”  is an instrumental  which includes a choral effect from  the deepest Abyss of Satan’s locker.  


“Repent The Fire” follows and is another one that has to be played live with crowd participation a must, this is another highlight for me on this opus. “Abolish The Sun”  has a doomy feel that envelops you , drawing you deep into it's tale  as does “Black Cathedral” running just short of eight minutes this epic opens slowly then builds into something captivating and heroic. “Dreamless wraps up this album with a sombre , melancholic feeling that makes you just want to start the whole Album again! Helstar already have a huge fan base and I can  see this release drawing in many more fans, and see them slaying the world with their energetic assault on your senses.


Review:Seb Di Gatto Score :9/10                             Facebook       Website

Review Written: 23rd August 2016



1.Awaken Into Darkness         

2.Blood Lust

3.To Dust You Will Become

4.Off With His Head                 

5.From The Pulpit To The Pit                 

6.To Their Death Beds They Fell


8.Repent In Fire        

9.Abolish The Sun

10.Black Cathedral     

11.Dreamless Sleep


Band Line up:

James Rivera - Vocals

Larry Barragan - Guitars

Mikey Lewis - Drums

Garrick Smith - Bass

Andrew Atwood - Guitar

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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