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                                                                                                        Title: I.D.S.F.A. 
                                                                                                        Label: Carcass Garden Records

From Las Vegas Nevada,  we have an award winning shock  Metal band, who throw together some raging punk and from the mix we come up with Satan’s bastard child, namely I.D.S.F.A.  This band have a mesmerizing effect and are an entertaining, aggressive in your face band that take no prisoners with their lyrics, they are a visual delight live and are ready to destroy the world.


I.D.S.F.A. are crazy, insane and deliver an album of aggressive, “I will get you“ lyrics and “don’t fuck with me” attitude songs! Opening with a warped Mr. Sandman we are head butted into 'Dreams' you are immediately transported into a world of nightmares, hell I’m scared to even type!  With a tenacious attitude the band rocks and kicks you in the guts.  'See You Fall' has drums pounding away from deep inside hell as attitude and hate springs forth, as revenge is promised and we can’t wait to 'See You Fall'!  


Punkie tune age spews forth as Punk anthem 'Shot Down by the Double' rattles your skull, and makes you want to hunt down and destroy those who have done you wrong. The song 'Asshole' is a tune to annoy your neighbours with.  Turn the volume to 12!  'The Hand' slows the mood down for a short while then the band smacks the tempo up with a song that I am sure many can relate to, the lyrics talk of being hurt and abused by so called friends and being stabbed in the back, it is delivered with more venom than an annoyed rattlesnake, this is intense aggressive stuff. 


Next we get police sirens 'Two Cops' battles and crashes as this tongue in cheek tune seeks and destroys, heavy riffs, and craziness ensue.  'War With Myself' is a track I can personally relate to it is excellent.  This is punk with a metal-tastic attitude banging your head against the wall!.  'Tsunami' is an instrumental and really cool as it takes you through the bedlam and horror of a raging storm.  Time for the undead, we get 'Zombie Song' don’t look behind you they are coming to get you!  Go get your gun!  Final track is er ... '2 Seconds'!


Make sure you get along to see I.D.S.F.A. live if you get the chance their shows are insane backed by the “Bio-Bastards” drums smashed and annihilated by zombies, 8 anti-aircraft guns, and the Bleeding Bass to thrill and enthrall the masses you guaranteed a night of insanity! 

If you are wondering the name I.D.S.F.A. stands for... It Doesn’t Stand for Anything! So like this band of miscreants from Sin City it’s different and totally out there!   In fact they are just crazy mutha-f****rs!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Dream 
2. See You Fall 
3. Shot Down By The Double 
4. Sacrifice 
5. Asshole 
6. The Hand 
7. Two Cops 
8. Best Served Cold 
9. War With Myself 
10. Tsunami 
11. Zombie Song 
12. 2 Seconds

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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