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                                                                             Ill Nino  

                                                                          7 April 2013   

MG: Hi Cristian, Great to meet you. 
Cristian: Great to meet you too.


MG: How’s the tour been so far, any stand out shows? 
Cristian: London last night was totally amazing, the love and warmth from the crowd was totally phenomenal, we are here keeping Latin Metal alive!! No one else does it quite like us we are unique!


MG: It’s an amazing a line up with Scared Mother Tongue, I saw you when you had Breed77 as support in Glasgow and it was amazing, the two bands seemed to complement each other, are their plans to tour again with Breed in the future? 
Cristian: Yes we have toured with Breed77 now several times and love those guys, in fact they came and saw us last night in London, and it was just amazing to see Paul and Stu again. So I am sure we will snap up a tour with them sometime in the future! And I remember the show in Glasgow, that was a hot sweaty room and a great night, we will get back up their soon.


MG: 'Epidemia' is a stunning album, how much of a progression is it from 'Dead New World'? 
Cristian: Thank you, it’s more up to date and is our best and strongest album so far I feel, but watch out for our next album that’s going to be the best Ill Nino album ever!


MG: What’s the feedback been like from the fans for 'Epidemia'?
Cristian: Excellent, we have had so much positive feedback, it’s been really gratifying. The new album is heavy and deals with the issues affecting the world and has been widely acknowledged as one of our best albums so far! And I can't disagree!


MG: Do you have a personal favourite on 'Epidemia'?
Cristian: I really enjoy 'Eva' and 'La Epidemia', in fact the whole album!   


MG: It must be difficult to decide a set list, how do the band go about the final decision, and is 'Epidemia' featured quite heavily. 
Cristian: Well we did use to argue about the songs we were going to play but it seems to be an easier process now, and yes we have a fair few tracks from the new album in the set. It can be difficult at times deciding what we are going to play, but we seem settled on the set list on this tour so far!


MG: If I had never listened to Ill Nino before which tracks would you point me towards? 
Cristian: Actually I think the new album 'Epidemia' as it’s our sound and up to date and encompasses our sound fully.


MG: You seem to tour constantly, which country would you say you like playing the most? 
Cristian: Well to be honest everywhere, but I guess we have a lot of affection for Holland and Japan is always an experience. And of cause South America is always special!


MG: Ill Nino have been going since 1998 what would you say has been the bands biggest achievement so far? 
Cristian: So many, but I would have to say London last night was unreal and up their as one of our highlights it was just out of this world the love, everything you know!.  Also soundwave Australia is high up there as well, but London last night was special.


MG: Worst and best things about being on the road? 
Cristian: Well I love the fact we travel the world and when we can we get out and about and do some sightseeing, the different cultures and going out for meals is a big plus.  We have also been blessed this time around with having a nice tour bus.  I don’t care much for the traveling, but getting to the venue and putting on a show for you guys and the crowds response is what we live for.


MG: What’s the plans regarding festivals and will you be returning to the UK later in the year? 
Cristian: We don’t have any festivals lined up in the UK.  We will be playing dates in Eastern Europe, Puerto Rico, South America, The States, the Far East.  We are pretty much busy throughout the whole year around the world, but we will be back to the UK, but not sure when.


MG: Could you sum up Ill Nino in three words? 
Cristian: Lively, Unique and Heavy!


MG: Any final words for your fans and our listeners?
Cristian: THANK YOU!!


MG: Thanks for your time and have a great night tonight and year!!

Cristian: Thank you!


Interview by: Seb Di Gatto


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