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                                                                                                                In Cold Blood
                                                                                                  A Flawless Escape    Rising Records  

Italian veterans, In Cold Blood have released a bit of a hard core tour de force with guest appearances from Annihilators Jeff Waters and Death Metal warrior Giulio Moschini from Hour of Penance, they guest on tracks like ‘Choose A Life’, ‘Bad Wolf’, and ‘No Sun'.


The album starts off with adverts playing in the background, then a keyboard symphonic build up to 'Dead And Gone', this is heaviness personified.  I am reviewing this album at work, with head phones, and can’t wait to get home and blast this album to the max. 

'A Flawless Escape' was released as an album teaser and it comes battling along like a Roman Invasion Party.  This is brutal, aggressive and punching you in the face, hard core metal. 

'They Live' is an excellent melodic hard-core number, the pounding drums assault your eardrums as 'Sorrow' comes to attack your senses and  gears you up nicely for 'Choose A Life', with its gut wrenching vocals.


  You can really hear and feel the aggression and the vibe is truly intense.  This track ends with melodic acoustic twist that leads you into the fury of 'Coils Of Addiction', which is packed with guttural growls and elaborate guitar work.  This and 'Flawless Escape' are probably the stand out tracks for me.  'Total Control' and 'Kill To Get', both have pulverising riffs and powerful guitar harmonics. 


Stuck in between these two tracks is an excellent acoustic interlude by Annihilators Jeff Waters.  

'Bad Wolf' is a monstrous slab of Heavy Metal heaven.  This is a really immense piece of work, with electric and acoustic guitars and rounds off a devastating and truly impressive album.


The album artwork is very impressive and created by the Italian designer Nello Foresto.

I urge you to give this album your full attention.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Dead And Gone
2. A Flawless Escape
3. They Live
4. Sorrow
5. Choose A Life
6. Coils Of Addiction
7. Total Control
8. No Sun (Reprise)
9. Kill To Get
10. Bad Wolf

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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