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                                                                                                 Title: The Shape Of Rage 
                                                                                                 Label: Pure Legend Records  

Intense have been around for twenty years, and this is the first time I have ever really listened to this band properly.  'The Shape of Rage' is only their third full length album, and it is immense and Intense!  A really competent album from these British Power Metallers.  There are a lot of tracks on this album that will remind you of Iron Maiden, with galloping riffs a plenty Nick Palmer and Dave Peak have the twin-guitar barrage totally spot on. I really like lead singer Sean Hetherington’s vocals, they are both powerful and melodic.  'Anubis' kicks off the proceedings with the galloping guitars so beloved by Maiden fans and Intense can, and do, pull off this technique with consummate ease.


Next track 'The Elemental' is a catchy number with some amazing riffs and a fist punching chorus, which is sure to go down well live.  'One Man’s Word' has razor sharp guitar work and this is a song you could lose yourself in, by just listening to the awesome guitar solos .

'For The Fallen' is a ballad, and to be honest I found this to be the only weak track on the whole album, but having said that, Sean Hetherington's vocals are immense and you can feel the passion oozing out of this track.  It just didn’t do anything for me.


Intense come back at you full force with 'Save Me From Myself', 'Lie' and the 'Haunted' all racing along at a frenetic speed, harmonies and choruses.  Thrive on this mega power metal feast as we approach the epic 'The Skull Of Sidon', running at 8 and a half minutes, this is an awe-inspiring number.  Starting off slow then midway through, Intense acceleration.  I love this song.  It is everything that Power Metal is all about for me, with sublime riffs and scorching vocals, these guys do not disappoint at all.  This is a fitting end to a really fantastic and exhilarating album.  An album which should be in any self-respecting metal-heads collection.    


Review by: Seb Di Gatto     Score: 8.5/10



1. Anubis 
2. The Elemental 
3. One Man's Word 
4. For The Fallen 
5. Save Me From Myself 
6. Lie 
7. Haunted 
8. The Skull Of Sidon (The Final Stand) 
9. The Shape Of Rage 

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