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                                                                                                                       Junkyard Drive

                                                                                                           Sin & Tonic

                                                                                                           Label:Mighty Music

                                                                                                           Release Date:17th February 2017

Hailing from Denmark we have  Sleaze rockers Junkyard Drive, sauntering into view with a disarming smile and the crack of a studded whip these Danes deliver an Album of partying tunes and sing along choruses a plenty with a clear message to the world lets bring some honour and greatness back to the music industry and escape from the plastic and fake world of X-Factor and DJs.


Enough of this   fabricated rubbish lets P-A-R-T-Y !  "If You Wanna Rock Me"  sucker-punches you in the face with   contagious driving  energy, its a ripping opener to bounce around the room and singalong  to as the riffs  and chunky  rhythm section keep you reeled in hook line and sinker! "Bone Dry Jessie" is groove filled hard rocker to get even the most lifeless up and dancing! its a real zinger and a must to be played live !

The Anthems just don't stop as the excellent and personal  favourite "Drama Queen" bursts outta of your speakers and  the addictive chorus rebounds around the room ,you will be singing this one all day !!


 The tempo is brought down for the excellent Blues infused "Natural High"   its a ballsy gritty piece. "Take It All" has a message about the times we live in as these days people get vexed and provoked so easily  the band tell it how it is, people get a back bone and enjoy life and stop being offended and listen to these Super Sleaze Kings.

"B.A.D"  sees the band continue to bring the attitude of the decadent Eighties back to life with a twenty first century edge  this  is a groovetastic riff enticing track with a Fuck You Stance!  "Danger Zone " and "Stone Cold Lazy" continue to  electrify you with their down and dirty Rock and Roll Meltdown!  The guys show their gentler side with the Ballad "Geordie" its strong and would of been on MTV back in the day , (when the TV show mattered) this is  an exemplary tune with exceptional musicianship.


Final track "Slave to Technology" Will Rock your soul, its a fiery finish to complete an Album  that's  vision  is to bring honesty and dignity back to the music industry and get rid of the falseness   hopefully helping to change this modern day virus and the sad  attitude of people going to gigs and continually  filming the bands on their smart phones etc , rather than getting down and celebrating the music of the bands on stage! 


So to be honest this   isn't totally original, but its awash  with Hair Metal magnificence inspired from the Eighties, it could fit in with any releases from that great period of Hard Rocking Devastation! And ultimately does it matter ? I say NO!  When you want a good time partying Album reach out for "Sin and Tonic" its fun, vivacious and soaked in Jack Daniels ,with a meaningful message to cure the dullest of days! 


Review: Seb Di Gatto       Score:8.5/10

Reviewed :22.01.17


 Track Listing:

1.If You Wanna Rock Me

2.Bone Dry Jessie

3.Drama Queen

4.Natural High

5.Take It All


7.Danger Zone

8.Stone Cold Lazy


10.Slave ToTechnology


Band Line up

Kris - Lead Vocal

Birk - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocal

Benjamin - Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocal

Mikkel - Bass

Claus - Drums/Cowbell




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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