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                                                                                                                 Title: The New Normal

                                                                                                                 Label: Frontier Records

                                                                                                                 Release Date:25/01/2019

Known as the Rambo of Rock former Alice Cooper Guitarist Kane Roberts returns with his fourth solo Album “The New Normal” a hard rocking, anathematic killer release featuring guest appearances from some of the biggest names in Metal & Rock this is a dynamic highly catchy morsel of kick ass 21st Century Rock.

Opening with “King of the World” this track is one I keep going back to, it’s a song about moving forward and features a killer guitar solo from Alice Coopers current shredder Nita Strauss melting your face with her expertise , its an awesome opener, I find myself playing this song a lot, I love the way this song builds and gives you goosebumps , it’s a statement of intent to an impressive return from the muscle man. “Wonderful” sees Roberts letting fly with his guitar and makes it sing with some amazing solos it’s a dark and brooding track that leads to the simply stunning “Beginning of the End” featuring  Kane’s former boss Alice Cooper, the amazing Alissa from Arch Enemy and Aoyama Hidek from Baby Metal this track may surprise some, it’s one helluva song, and is pure Metal with blood stained studs on!


Kane shows how beautiful his Vocals are on “Who we Are” it’s a deep and soulful piece another one that gives you those goose bumps again, simply heart breaking and for me personally the lyrics hit a nerve. This is a song back in the 80s/ 90s when the world of MTV Metal and Rock was played 24-7, and mainstream radio played Metal and Rock this song would have been a massive hit, forget Extremes “More Than Words” and Mr. Bigs “To Be With you” seriously! Like the previous track “Forever out of Place” shouts mainstream radio its catchy as hell and will have you singing along in no time.

“Leave this world behind” is 80s infused rock and is a pure rockers dream for someone like myself being brought up in that golden age of music. I guess the piece de résistance on here must be the “Lions Share” a song that’s going to be awesome live with an acapella performance from Kane and a scintillating guitar solo, its another I keep going back to co written with Lzzy Hale from Halestorm its another one that sends shivers through your being.


“Leave me in the Dark” is another ball busting anthem that leads into “Above and Beyond” a track featuring Paul Taylor, Ken Mary and Kip Winger the same line up that appeared on the Alice Cooper “Constrictor” tour a fist pumping hell for leather tune to play mutha fucking loud and party on down to dude!!

Final track “Wrong” is a deep and moody end to an excellent platter.

To sum up No this isn’t going to change the world but has something about it that makes you wanna keep playing again rather than gathering dust like some Albums you may own!


Review: Seb Di Gatto       Score:8.5 /10         Facebook  



Track Listing:

1. King of The World

2. Wonderful

3. Beginning of The End

4. Who We Are

5. Forever Out of Place

6. Leave This World Behind

7. The Lion's Share

8. Leave Me in The Dark

9. Above and Beyond

10. Wrong




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