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                                                                                                               Karma Violens
                                                                                                                 Skin of Existence
                                                                                                                Label: Growl Records  
 Karma Violens hail from Greece , a country with a pedigree for producing Black Metal Monsters like Rotting Christ, Night Fall and of course Karma Violens, for the those not in the know this band have been around since 2002 and return  with only their second album ,  released through Growl records.

Its an album to thrash and burn in hells mosh pits , the violence and energy throughout  is grandiose and effective , and not one track disappoints from the opening salvo "Icarious"  which  runs for nearly two minutes   building the momentum Then "Bloodbath" snarling,  growling , its brutal delivery  destroys brain cells , its going to see mosh pits  exploding into life everywhere.


"Souless Child" sees frontman Mario spitting  his lyrics with Venom , there are hammering drums and relentless guitars , then mid way through the track slows , its got a mesmerizing effect that finishes in  dramatic fashion.

"Floating To Sadness" is an addictive piece that had this reviewer banging his head right away as the insanely addictive musicianship buries its self deep into your frontal cortex. 

"Le Temps Du Suicide"  for me is a highlight its full of demonic drumming and bites the Black Metal  bullet showering you with sharp barbs of toxic Metal delight!
 Title track "Skin of Existence" , crashes into the mosh pits of damnation , its delivery peels the skin and thrashes you senseless,and there's no let up  as the excellent   "Si Vis Vitam Para Mortem"  continues to obliterate all your brain cells , with superb lyrics "Mortem" embeds its self  with  ferocity and delivery that makes  your  skin crawl.


"Incubation Day" and "About My Creator" showcase the bands Blackened souls and immense talent "Paralyzed" transfixes you , final track "Dead Mans Story" opens slowly with a doom laden atmosphere , its deep grooves and total mastery leaves you wanting to hear  much more from this band ,lets hope they don't leave it to long to tour over in the UK.

 Karma Violens have toured with Metal Goliaths  such as Judas Priest, Amon Amarth, Fear Factory, Arch Enemy, The Black Dahlia Murder, Heaven Shall Burn, Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, The Ocean, Darkest Hour etc
 The level of music contained here is brilliant ,and well worth checking out, the  full album is already been streamed on You Tube and the band our are featured band on The Metal Gods Meltdown.


 Review Seb Di Gatto Score:9/10                       Facebook   Website

 Track listing:                                                                                                                                                   
 01. Incuarious
 02. Bloodbath
 03. Soulless Child
 04. Floating In Sadness
 05. Le Temps Du Suicide
 06. Skin Of Existence
 07. Si Vis Vitam Para Mortem
 08. Incubation Day
 09. About My Creator
 10. Paralyzed
 11. Dead Man’s Story

 Marios - Vocals
 George - Guitars
 Costas - Guitars
 Steven - Bass

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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