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                                                                                                        Title: Across the Realm of Time

                                                                                                        Label: Roar!

                                                                                                        Release Date:31st August 2018

We get so many Albums to review here at The Metal Gods Meltdown and basically, we can’t do it all! But one Band who intrigued me right away are Kilmara a group I had never really taken the time to listen to and what a mistake that was because this their fourth “Across the Realm “is a Melodic Metal sensation!  

This platter has a huge sound of melodious dynamics, the Guitars are given one hell of a work out throughout this opus as John Portillo and Miguel Laise shred and delight combined with the tremendous rhythm section of Javier Morillo (Drums) and Didakio on Bass the line-up is completed by the truly magical and powerful Vocals of Dani Ponce.


The intro “And into the Realm” starts things off building up to the full on “Purging Flames” this a fast and furious roar of Metal delirium, it’s a real thumping monster that rampages into the room with its intense vigour. The next song “The Silent Guide” is simply Melodic Metal heaven, having lost my partner a year ago, this song gives me hope and makes me feel warm inside the lyrical content is so moving and strong, if I ever get to see Kilmara live and they play this song I think it would have this tattooed rocker in floods of tears, everything about this song is superb the Guitar solo melts the ice caps with its virtuosity.


It’s all guns blazing on “The End of The World” which then leads into the keyboard driven opening for “My Haven” with a killer Guitar solo and guest appearance from Metal legend Roland Grapow, who incidentally produced, mixed and mastered this platter its another song with deep and meaningful lyrics.

The next song sees Jordi Longán (ex-Ipsilon) deliver an emphatic keyboard solo on “Principles of Hatred” it has a progressive pedigree that pleases, and has you mesmerised.

The riff strewn headbanging, horns in the air “The Forge” and masterful “Disciples” continue to keep the Metal juices of ecstasy flowing, its riffs and vivaciousness brings a huge mutha fucking grin to this reviewer’s face!  Then oh I don’t quite know how to put into words my feelings for “I Shall Rise Again” like “The Silent Guide” this song touches you and pulls at your heart strings this is really one of the most moving and beautifully delivered Ballads I have heard in a very long time, everything about this song is inspirational and uplifting, a song to listen to when you feel like the world is against you , this is a masterpiece.


Final track “Out from The Darkness” is our Video of the week on The Metal Gods Meltdown and quite rightly so it’s got another appearance from Roland Grapow and finishes of this work of art.

Without a doubt Kilmara are one of the top melodic Metal Bands in 2018 as “Across the Realm of Time” simply is a bombastic, thought provoking outstanding zestful triumph!


Review: Seb Di Gatto               Score:10/10

Reviewed:01.08.2018                                         Facebook


1. …And into the Realm
2. Purging Flames
3. The Silent Guide
4. The End of the World
5. My Haven
6. Principles of Hatred
7. The Forge
8. Disciples
9. I Shall Rise Again
10. Out from the Darkness…


Band Line up

John Portillo – Guitar
Miguel Laise – Guitars
Dani Ponce – Vocals
Javier Morillo – Drums
Didakio – Bass










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