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                                                                                                  King Kraken


                                                                                         Label: Independent

                                                                                         Release Date: January 27th 2023

What’s this crawling outta of the depths of deepest darkest Wales? A pounding juggernaut of unrelenting, face-melting, infectious grooves is the answer, brought to you by King Kraken and their immense debut “MCLXXX”.

Opening proceedings “Devils Night” with its cavernous tones and vocals from Mark Donoghue combined with the thudding wrought iron metal delivered by Adam Healey on lead guitar with Pete Rose’s Rhythm guitar and the rhythm section of Karl Meyer  (bass) drummer Richard Lee Mears serving up a platter of tungsten nails and spitting hell on this devilishly addictive opener.

Next up is my favorite track on this opus, the killer “Bastard Liar” a meandering masterpiece of heavy riffs, defiant vocals, and kick-ass drumming the guys work it, sweat it, kicking in glass doors, sending shards into your being as deep and deathly growls emanate from your speakers. “Green Terror” has already been released and rocks up, socks you in the mouth with its addictive chorus, and with its fine moves, this is a sure-fire anthem without a doubt.

“Veins” takes no prisoners from the off, grabbing you by the throat and tightening its grip as the song flows. Leading nicely into the Halloween film franchise-inspired “Haddonfield 78” another firm favorite of mine as the band tips their hat to Michael Myers and takes you on a nightmarish ride of demonic highs as this anthem steals your soul with its blistering riffs.  “Man-Made Monster” will have you bopping and banging your head like a lunatic on the edge of insanity, it’s a sure-fire metal injection of death-defying delirium that will wake the dead.

A banshee’s wail smashes you into oblivion, with its deep and dastardly doom-laden vibes drawing you into the “Walls of Jericho”. I love the way “Proctors ledge” has that chunky monkey bass and vibes that have you reaching for that bottle of jack as this slow burner embeds itself into your conscience.

The penultimate track “Chaos Engine” is a speedy beastie, frantic and no holds barred fists in the air pummelling excellence is unleashed into the room. The final track (boo hiss, I want more!!) “Castle of Bone” pounds into the room and breaks them bones with its beastly delivery and face-melting licks this possesses and ignites your soul.


King Kraken has read the formula, delved into cinematic horror stories, and come up trumps with this monstrous debut album. Having already played many established festivals such as HRH, Hammerfest, and toured with Monster Truck these guys are building up a fine pedigree. Judging by this release the future is not only promising, but world domination is also a real possibility. Check out one of the best Metal bands on the scene, this release is truly excellent.  


(And  one of my faves of 2023 already !!) Grab a hold of “MCLXXX” and raise your horns to King Kraken it's a monster! 

If ya curious about the album title? apparently this is the year the mythical beastie was first seen!

Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9.5 /10


1. Devils Night
2. Bastard Liar
3. Green Terror
4. Veins
5. Haddonfield '78
6. Man Made Monster
7. Walls of Jericho
8. Proctors Ledge
9. Chaos Engine
10. Castle of Bone

King Kraken is:
Mark Donoghue - Vocals
Peter Rose - Rhythm guitar / Backing vocals
Adam Healey - Lead Guitar
Karl Meyer - Bass
Richard Lee Mears - Drums

Connect with King Kraken:
Official Website:



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