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                                                                          King's Call 
                                                           Lion's Den   Mausoleum Records  

King's Call have an amazing pedigree, they have released a hard rocking, melodic album, which is sure to please pure hard rock lovers worldwide.

Kings Call is made up of a plethora of different nationalities, Alex Garoufalidis (Guitarist) who was born in Greece, Asec Bergemann (Drummer) hails from The Republic of Azerbaijan, Andreas Kramer is from Germany and Mike Freeland is the new outstanding vocalist (Praying Mantis) from the UK, who is the replacement for the bands previous singer Rick Chase.  All are highly talented.


The band is based in Germany and has delivered the goods and then some on 'Lions Den'.  The album opens with 'Mother Nature' full of classic rock riffs and stunning vocals from Mike Freeland, being the album opener and already a firm favourite for this reviewer, it bodes well for the rest of the album.  'Riding the Storm' really rocks into your room like a tornado.  It's fresh, lively, melodic and oozing with character, love the guitar work on this track. 


'Dig It' opens with a Led Zeppelin vibe, and really has the feel of Plant and Pages musicianship.  It's heavy, memorable, with soaring solos and a sing along chorus, you can’t go wrong can you?


'Shy Love' like the opening track is a cracking song and without a doubt another winner and up there with the album opener as strongest track on the album, the guitar solo is simply stunning and needs to be really listened to and appreciated, as do all of the tracks on 'Lion's Den'.   The tempo changes a little bit on 'Is This Life' it’s got a bluesy twist to it skewered and rung out with a kicking groove.  Like a lion 'Avalon' prowls and gets into your consciousness devouring your soul and nails its prey again with some seriously stunning guitar work!  


Moving on a bit, get on to the dance floor and move your whole body to 'Get Up', this will have you shaking your mane of hair and partying into the night.  'Holy Ground' is superb and rattles along like a steam train on a downhill trajectory with no brakes!  It has some cracking lyrics; this is what it’s all about …'Rock N' Roll'!!! 

Then we get to the instrumental 'Avalon Rising', it’s a nice reflective tune with an ethereal feel to it.  'Waiting For You' and the final track 'Love Will Find a Way' clock up some minutes between them, nearly 14 in total and they both get into your head, especially the mesmeric final song. 


It’s a get your lighters out kind of tune and finishes an album that this “Pride” of rockers can be immensely proud of. 

The band crosses over into AOR territory at times and then truly rocks into harder songs, ripping into some serious guitar solos and meaty riffs. This is an album to savour and blast out loud I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto 



1. Mother Nature
2. Riding The Storm
3. Dig It
4. Shy Love
5. Is This The Life
6. Avalon
7. Red Lights
8. Get Up
9. Holy Ground
10. Avalon Rising
11. Waiting For You
12. Love Will Find A Way

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