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                                                                                                             Kissin Dynamite

                                                                                            Interview with Jim 12/06/18


MM: It’s great to chat to you today,  how pleased are you with the “Ecstasy” and how impatient are you all feeling waiting for its release in 4 weeks time

KD:Hey there. I’m totally exited to finally show the world what we’ve been working on the last couple of months. It’s been a fantastic time and we’re really proud of this album. It’s kind of back to the roots, more rock’n’roll, more sunny stadium rock vibes than before.

MM: The album itself boasts 13 amazing songs and I think some of the best the band have ever produced over the years, but what tracks are you particularly proud of and why.
KD:Thank you very much. When it comes to playing guitar WAGING WAR is definitely my favorite track on Ecstasy as there is much space to show your skills in the solo and i love the riff. In general i would say Still around is my favorite because i get goosebumps every-time i listen to it.

MM: When writing a new song, do you usually start with the lyrics, the riffs, or a melody?
KD:It’s not always the same but most of the time Hannes starts with a Slogan or a melody. I’m more into starting with a riff, but I didn’t write much this time. Most of the Songs were written and produced by Hannes and the lyrics were written by our Drummer Andi.

MM: The Album title is “ecstasy” what is “Ecstasy” to you?
KD:Ecstasy is the feeling of having a great, productive time, when everything is just flowing and there is no pain in the ass. Just a 100% full-filling moment that can occur in every situation. For me it’s always happening on stage.

MM” The song features Anna Brunner, are their plans for her to make the odd appearance when you play the song live
KD:Yes absolutely, I would love to have her with us on tour. She’s not just a great singer but also a great person to hang out with. But there’s nothing confirmed yet, so let’s see what the future brings.

MM:The Album cover features a young lady smoking a cigarette is she one of your girlfriends or even a fan ?
KD:She can be everything if she wants ;)

MM: You have obviously met many rock stars who made it big in the eighties , what advice have you taken from them and who has had the most influence on you guys

KD:The biggest influence on us were probably the scorpions as they were the first rockstars we’ve ever met when we were really young. They told us to work hard to get somewhere and we haven’t stopped yet. I’m also influenced by Nikki Sixx, because he’s just a interesting person with a lot of stuff to tell (I read all his books several times)

MM: Which four tracks would you play me from the Bands history to introduce me to Kissin Dynamite
Only The Good Die Young (2008)

She’s a Killer (2012)

Running Free (2014)

She Came She Saw (2016)

MM:going back to the eighties.. Do you sometimes wish you guys had been around in the Eighties when Kissin Dynamite would have been on regular play on MTV and radio stations and been huge everywhere

KD:You often think about what could have been when we we’re 30 years more early but then Kissin’ Dynamite would just be one of a thousand bands. The golden times may be over, but we will bring it back!

MM: I understand u head out on a support tour with Powerwolf another awesome German band..are you fans of their music.
KD:Yeah we’re really looking forward as we haven’t been on a support tour since 2012 (with Dragonforce and Huntress) I love being on tour and we know Powerwolf already pretty well, so things will be really relaxed on tour.

MM: I tried to get an interview with u before re “Hashtag your life” how much does it annoy u when u are on stage and all people are doing is filming etc…

KD:It’s horrible. People should enjoy the show and not stare in their silly screens. But the message worked and we’re on of the bands with just a few smartphones in the air. What a great development.

MM - What do you like best about touring - how do you rate the importance of being seen live and meeting fans whenever possible?

KD:Everything is great about touring. For me it’s like holidays. For sure there are some days and locations who are really hard to play and to survive but this will happen on a normal road trip as well. I love being on stage and i love meeting old and new friends after the show. It’s like party everyday!

MM: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever been sent to you by an eager fan and have you ever had any scary stalker fan moments?

KD:There we’re many strange things that happend over the years, but in the end even the scariest stalker is a fan and somehow a good person. You just have to draw a line somewhere. For example my house. It’s my privat space and i don’t want anyone to wait inside of it. You will laugh but it happend.

MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?

It’s been my first big concert when i was eleven years old: IRON MAIDEN! I will never forget this night. I was flashed, i was exited and i was reeeeally scared being in the middle of a pit surrounded by guys double my height. At least it felt like that in this moment. But they all enjoyed the show and had a great party. I was at an Iron Maiden Show 2 years ago and the guy in front of me asked to stop head-banging because otherwise his photos will get blurry. Nothing more to say.

MM: Being in a rock band you’re bound to like a drink or two, so who’s the party animal of the band and what’s their poison?

KD:That’s the problem. We’re best friends and everyone is a party animal. There’s no party as a Kissin’ Dynamite party ;)

MM : What are you listening to these days yourself? Old classics or modern bands? Do you ever listen to music that is very different from what you do, if so what?

KD:I listen to everything, depending on my situation. In the gym I love to listen to real heavy music like Emmure, Thy Art is Murder, Cypecore etc. or real heavy Dubstep. After the Gym when it comes to calming down I always listen to good old Jamaican Reggae and in my car there is always some 80ies Rock like Whitesnake or Def Leppard in the CD Player.

MM: What one possession could you not live without right now?

KD:Sport! When I just play guitar and lay around for more than 2 days my whole body and brain gets fucked up and i can’t be creative at all.

MM: Four Words to describe Kissin Dynamite

KD:Energy, Fun, Brotherhood, Explosive.

MM: Quick Fire Round

1.Festival or Small intimate gig

2.Vinyl or Digital
KD:Vinyl (my player is broken, please buy our album so I can get a new one)

3.Oktoberfest or Wacken

4. Johann Sebastian Bach or Sebastian Bach

5. Who will win the world cup

KD:Not the Italians (haha, sorry)

Final Words
KD:Please give us a listen and support new music!
Thanks for the nice interview!


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