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                                                                                                      Make Your Stand
                                                                                             Zeta Factory  
Release Date: 27th May
This year has already produced some amazing Albums.. Point your finger , and laugh at the silly old fool who said Rock music is dead!! It certainly is not! And oh my God!!! Klogr have never ever featured or come near to my lucky Metal Head ears !

And now they have ,HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!!! this band are absolutely superb , in fact better than superb. I have had this album a while for review and been listening constantly , it features 3 new songs , and ten live tracks including the four singles from the bands 2nd album the critically acclaimed "Black Snow".  Also a Live DVD filmed in Trezzo: 45 minutes live show filmed at the Live Music Club in Trezzo (November 2014, supporting GUANO APES)Behind the scenes: 120 minutes of documentary on the band. 


The band toured here in the UK last year supporting Prong, which we  didn't get to see them because of other commitments.  "Breaking Down" opens the EP part of this release its brutal, hard fast and slices into yours nerve endings , the song title is spat out and delivered with a toxic refrain , this is something unexpected for me someone told me they sound like MUSE that band makes me lose interest..


So..... this isn't fucking Muse my friend! this is Metal delivered with immense dexterity to melt the ice caps , the seas flows and engulfs Ya!

"Make Your Stand" opens gently , then chunky thudding guitars light up the room and turns into a solid  Metal Number,  now bang that head ! These Italians seek and destroy! "Breathing Heart" is a track I would have any one new to the band listen to first,  its outstanding, I love the guitar echos and the passion of Rusty as he delivers a telling piece to melt  your heart , and rock your world, smashing in your face with some  mean riffs and squeals of metallic delight ! So how do these Latin Metallers sound Live ? Well let put it this way if they don't come back to the UK , me and the missus is on holiday to Italia soon!!


The band are immense "Breaking Down" opens and has me sat here jaw open, wow! love this track its intense and insanely catchy. "Zero Tolerance" is immense , Rusty Shouts "Are you fucking Ready"? yeah and then some !! this number  kicks in the doors of Lucifers locker! All the tracks stand out but to give you a brief idea "Failing Crowns" has to be my favourite on this segment of this release, its meaty and ballsy crossing into differnt generes of Metal think  Alter bridge, but ten times better! thrown together in a Metal tsunami that spins and never stops ,   hell I cant get enough of this song! You know you really could be at the venue , close your eyes and you are! The production  is simply outta this world! "Bleeding" has you banging your Skull , punching the air  and singing at the top of your voice , its a cutting number , that slices  your  veins,   bleed , dance and bang that head!


Jumping to the final track"Guinea Pigs" there no let up ,this is Punk angst delivered Italiano sty-lee, hell yeah it explodes  and cleaves your damn head off , Hell yeah this band need to be heard worldwide ,listen  and Love them ,that's an order!  finally if ya still undecided that  Klogr are a meaty morsel of hellish Metal,
Grab this mean   piece of stunning Metal ! ! Check out our Interview with  awesome front man Rusty   here on The Metal Gods Meltdown!!


Review Seb Di Gatto    Score 10/10                    Facebook    Website


01) Breaking Down
02) Make Your Stand
03) Breathing Heart
04) Draw Closer (Live)
05) Zero Tolerance (Live)
06) King Of Unknown (Live)
07) Failing Crowns (Live)
08) Vultures Feast (Live)
09) Hell of Income (Live)
10) Silk And Thorns (Live)
11) Bleeding (Live)
12) Guilty And Proud (Live)
13) Guinea Pigs (Live)

Klogr are:
Rusty – vocals / guitars
PQ – guitars
Joba – bass guitar
Rob – drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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