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                                                                                           Second Storm   Label: Despotz Records
                                                                                                       Release Date: 10th April
Lancer are back! After their self titled debut in 2013 got every ones attention these Melodic Power Metallers return with a Heavy Metal Tempest  "Second Storm".

The band who hail from the Metal and Rock treasure trove that is Sweden have returned with nine tracks to melt your speakers, following in the footsteps of Sabaton, Hammerfall and many others, you get an album full to the brim with wild and wonderful riffs, and it's a Metal Heads feverish delight.


Opening with "Running From The Tyrant" it races along, and bombards you as the band bolt out from your speakers with  duelling guitars  from Fredrik Kelemen and Per-Owe “Ewo” Solvelius, heavy thudding bass lines delivered by Emil Öberg, Crashing, thumping drums from Thors war hammer conveyed by sticks man Sebastian Pedernera  and phenomenal vocals from Isak Stenvall  "Running From The Tyrant" is an excellent start as the bands dexterity and  musical abilities shine through on the opening track.

"Iwo Jima"  is up next , a song not glorifying the terrible conflict on the small island in any way or form, A horrific, unforgettable battle all those years ago, its a song for the fallen and an iconic piece especially as its the 70th Anniversary of the battle for the small island hell hole once soaked in blood.   "Masters and Crowns"  is the first single  from this opus  it is a captivating work  that will have venues singing in unison with these magnificent Swedes, it will stay stuck in your head. "Behind The Walls"  shatters and smashes in the aforementioned walls, its a  heavy chugging song that shows no mercy, its a standout track as indeed is the epic "Aton" running  just a few seconds short of  ten minutes , its Lancers take on Egyptian history, Yes Iron Maiden did the whole Powerslave thing , but hell ,this is a refreshing take on that period of history and in no way or form are the band copying Maiden, its a blockbusting , extravaganza , simply superb.


"Children of The Storm" has a catchy chorus and fine solos. "Steelbreaker" is fast and furious , with some screech's and screams from both the vocalist and guitarist! "Eyes of The Liar" reminded me so very much of classic Eighties Metal and for me personally its a delight, the lyrical content is exemplary as it is throughout "Second Storm" its a awesome song and cracks heads.

Final song "Fools Marches On" takes on the world we live in today , the battles, hate , and hurt still prevalent in the 21st century , the subject matter hits home and is an intelligent song about the worlds many many battles , yet ends with an optimism   a fitting ending to "Second Storm".

Okay lets be honest here there is nothing groundbreaking about Lancer, But ,and it is a big but this band will be adored by fans of Iron Maiden, ED Guy, Helloween , keeping this genre of music we so love alive and definitely kicking! The album cover once again features the battle Ostrich!  So I say strap on your battle armour and get ready for one of the most enthusiastic Melodic Power Metal  releases of 2015!

Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score :8.5/10

1. Running From the Tyrant
2. Iwo Jima
3. Masters and Crowns
4. Behind the Walls
5. Aton
6. Children of the Storm
7. Steelbreaker
8. Eyes of the Liar
9. Fools Marches On


Band Line Up: 
Isak Stenvall - Vocals
Fredrik Kelemen - Guitar
Per-Owe “Ewo” Solvelius - Guitar
Emil Öberg – Bass
Sebastian Pedernera –Drums                        
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