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                                                                                          LANKESTER MERRIN 

                                                                                          Title:"Dark Mother Rises"

                                                                                          Label:Black Sunset / MDD

                                                                                          Release Date: March 24, 2023

I was totally intrigued by this band's name and sound which mixes up melodic metal with traditional and sees them deliver a fantastic work of art with “Dark Mother”. Fronted by Cat Rodgers who casts a spell on the listener as Florian Schulz and Chris Müller deliver the goods with galloping riffs while the rhythm section of Jan Phillip Merten on bass and skins man Shaun Layer bring the noise, on this insanely addictive second album from these German metallers.

Opening with “We Ride the Storm” a glorious start to a killer release, with thumping abandonment this leads nicely into a hold full on ballbusting anthem as they unleash “Bone Tomahawk” which will have the masses punching the air and singing along right away. “Medusa” winds its way into your conscience, although it has to be said I recall three songs about this snake-inspired woman in the last twelve months, but hands down this is the winner!


“The Heathen” sees the band attack with thumping basslines and a barrage of drums as the guitars gallop and Cat takes on a full-frontal attack on the senses. Now I grew up in the eighties and “Perfect Illusion” screams back to that amazing musical decade and would have been riding high in the pop charts, it has a metal edge with some killer riffs but crosses into mainstream territory with ease.

The Metal is brought straight back to the fore as “Stranger” becomes a blistering tour de force and my favorite on here today.. anyway!

“My Journey” chugs along the tracks and leads into the all-guns blazing “Sweet Lizzie” a great up-tempo rocker about the axe murderer Lizzie Borden. “Evil lives here” is inspired by the must-watch tv series, with its heavy bass tones and machine gun fire riffage it’s a stunning end to a glorious release.


With the right promotion and management, these guys have the potential to go really far. They have encapsulated old-school metal with a modern twist to enthuse and seduce the masses. Be sure to check out Lankester Merrin.


Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score: 8.5 /10

Reviewed: 02/03/23                                                            Lankester Merrin | Facebook



1.We Ride The Storm

2.Bone Tomahawk


4.The Heathen

5.Perfect Illusion


7.My Journey

8.Sweet Lizzie

9.Evil Lives Here


Band Line up:

Cat Rodgers :       Vocals

Florian Schulz:      Guitar

Chris Müller :         Guitar

Shaun Layer :        Drums

Jan Phillip Merten: Bass



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