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                                                                                                           Liv Sin
                                                                                                    Title: Follow Me
                                                                                                    Label: Despotz Records 

                                                                                                    Release Date- 28th April  2017
Sister Sin sadly split in 2015 after thirteen years performing with some of the best bands in the scene such as Motorhead , W.A.S.P , Slayer to name but a few  it was a no brainer for frontwoman Liv Jagrell to continue to do what she does best , performing and singing live for her legions of fans and now finally here is her debut release “Follow Me” and I can tell you its a pure bred Metal monstrosity to whet  the fans appetite.


Opening with the “The Fall” this is a ferocious beginning to a classy Album , a heads down fist punching no nonsense killer  which sees Patrick Ankermark and Chirs Bertzell flaying their guitars in Metallic ecstasy as Liv's  powerful and unmistakable vocals  shatter  glass and the shards deep dig embedding themselves in your body. The fast and frantic musicianship continues to shatter your cranium as the thudding rhythm section of Tommie Winther on Bass and dynamic stick mans Per Bjelovak erupts smashing your teeth to smithereens, as the chorus rattles round your head you just know this is a chant that’s going to be sung so loud when these guys play this number live.

Then the first single from “Follow Me” the highly addictive and catchy “Let Me Out”  rocks and rolls like a rattle snake shake this is another track that’s going to  please your soul!


First time I listened to “Black Souls” I wasn’t expecting the paint stripping wail its fucking impressive and hits you full on , deep to the bodies core, the opening tones trick you , this song totally amazes and will slay you. “Godless Utopia” has some delicious riffs and is an uncompromising song.

“Endless Roads” lyrics sent a shiver through me and seems to every time the lyrics are out of this world , its deep and meaningful verve will touch even the hardest of hearts. “Killing Ourselves to Live” sees Destructions Schmier join Liv for this harmonious yet Brutal onslaught. “I’m Your Sin” slows down a bit but still has  venomous intent.  “Emperor of Chaos” Bleeds and scolds you with its thunderous , aggressive delivery that leads nicely into “Immortal Sin” (Cover of Rob Halfords side project Fight) a track that when I first heard it I had to double take as this song features vampire , creature of the night ,and all round top guy Jyrki of the 69 Eyes his deep and doom laden vocals mix in well with Liv Sins and make this sound even better than the original! “The Beast Inside” brings the album to a close , its build up ,and final moments will surprise and enamour you.


This is a classic Metal style brought to you by a True Metal Priestess!!  Grab it , Blast it out fucking loud and raise your horns to LIV SIN!!!   



Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10

Reviewed: 19.04.17                         Facebook     Website


Track listing:

1.The Fall
3.Let Me Out
4.Black Souls
5.Godless Utopia
6.Endless Roads
7.Killing Ourself To Live
8.I’m Your Sin
9.Emperor Of Chaos
10.Immortal Sin
11.The Beast Inside


Band Line up

Liv Sin – Lead vocals
Patrick Ankermark – Guitars
Chris Bertzell – Guitars
Tommie Winther – Bass
Per Bjelovuk – Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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