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                                                                                             Cult  of Steel   Label: Massacre Records
Formed in 1992, LONEWOLF are a 4-piece Heavy Metal band from the Claix, Rhône-Alpes region of France.

The band released a few demos but disbanded in 1996.Reforming in 2000 they  released a debut record in 2002 since then the band have been quite prolific and unleashed six albums, "Cult of Steel" being their Seventh. Opening with the title track, its a slow burner, then frantic power riffing explodes from your speakers as the band go into a full on assault ,   Jens Börner - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, has a vocal style that takes some getting used to, its growling and strips the proverbial paper, the drums are thrashed and riffs and licks are heavy , fast and delightful ,with some thumping bass thrown in , this is a strong opener from these Frenchmen. "Hordes of The Night" is a Metal heads call to arms, and hits the spot with brutal drumming and some demented solos , you really cant go wrong.


"Werewolf Rebellion" sees the band bare their teeth , with venomous spittle running and dripping into your heart, this with the album opener is with out a doubt the standout on this opus, the solos cut  deep and  inflect ultimate damage.


Talking of damage , batten down the hatches as fire and Brimstone are unleashed  upon the maddening crowd "Hells Legacy" is sure to be a favourite live with its  corybantic solos and head thrashing destruction, super stuff! Final track "Grey Wolves" is a rabid , flesh eating tune its super damn fast and a totally delirious track to end the album.

Being totally honest its taken a fair few listens to really appreciate the album, its not going to break any new barriers and isn't original , but Lonewolf deliver ten tracks of absorbing carnage and you cant say any better than that!

N.B: The Cult of Steel features 10 new tracks and the digipak edition of the album comes with 2 bonus tracks which are re-records of older LONEWOLF songs with the first being the title track from the 2008 album of the same name which is “Made In Hell” and the second is from their 2002 release “March into the Arena”

 Score : 7/10                                                                      Facebook 

Review: Seb Di Gatto                                                                            

1. The Cult of Steel
2. Hordes of the Night
3. Werewolf Rebellion
4. Blood of the Heretic
5. Hells Legacy
6. Funeral Pyre
7. Force to Fight
8. Open Fire
9. Mysterium Fidei
10. Grey Wolves
11. Made In Hell ‘14 (Digipak Edition Bonus Track)
12. Children of the Unlight ‘14 (Digipak Edition Bonus Track)

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