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                                                                                                                             Magic Kingdom

                                                                                                            Savage Requiem                                   
                                                                                                    Label: AFM   Release Date: 20th March
Magic Kingdom release their fourth album on the 20Th of March, led by guitar maestro Dushan Petrossi from Iron Mask , Savage Requiem does exactly what it says on the tin its drenched in Symphonic, Power induced Metal and will not disappoint the bands fans one iota.


With a new vocalist joining the bands ranks in Christian Palin (ex Adagio). His emotional, and impassioned vocals  combined with the guitar shredding from Petrossi  ( who is often compared to Yngwie Malmsteen ), ensure that you get ten tracks of neo classical Metal that stand and deliver an almighty wake up call to the world.  The album opens with an intro which builds to a crescendo , leading to the fantastical and gripping "Guardian Angels" it instantly enthralls you, the guitar solos are just jaw droppingly stupendous, its a hell of a track that leads into the frantic "Rivals Forever" this speeds along with furious abandonment.


Then there are Epic tracks like "Full Moon Sacrifice" and the album title , which are full of torment and menace. Stuck between those two songs is the exceptional ,  the strikingly superb "Ship of Ghosts" which even sees a piece by Beethoven honoured in the guitar solo, quite simply amazing, the production is superb, with clear cut delivery on this opus, seriously the band could be in your front room playing its  crystal  "Four Demon Kings of Shadowlands" is the longest track running over seven minutes its a Herculean piece that truly showcases all of the bands talents ,a Neo classical Metal heads delight, well the whole album is !


As you progress further with the album , songs like "Dragon Princess" enthrall and amaze you the technical abilities and showmanship are exemplary.

I must also point out the album artwork is out of this world its visually stunning and would be amazing blown up and displayed.

So Basically "Savage Requiem"  is full of Fantasy and delightful Power Metal that you would fully expect from this outfit , the atmospheric keyboards and guitar riffs  melt the ice caps its a welcome addition to this genre of Metal.

Review:Seb Di Gatto  Score:8.5/10            Facebook          Website 

Track Listing

01. In Umbra Mea
02. Guardian Angels
03. Rivals Forever
04. Full Moon Sacrifice
05. Ship of Ghosts
06. Savage Requiem
07. Four Demon Kings of Shadowlands
08. With Fire and Sword
09. Dragon Princess
10. Battlefield Magic


Band Line up:
Dushan Petrossi - guitars
Vassili Moltchanov - bass
 Christian Palin - vocals
 Roma Siadletski - harsh vocals
 Phillippe "Phil" Giordana - keyboards
 Freddy Ortscheid - drums

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