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                                                                                                 Mammoth Mammoth Interview 2015

Hey hows it going, love the New album  , tell me what inspired such a kick Ass album and your personal favourite tracks on "Hammered Again"?

MIKEY: My inspiration is always alcohol and violence. My favourite tracks on the album are probably Black Dog and Fuel, I really enjoyed writing these songs because they are based on a lot of shit that happened to me leading up to this album.
BONES: I love playing Promised Land, Sick, and Fuel Injected. But it’s safe to say we really dig performing all the tracks and are bustin’ to play them live starting April 24!

MM:Why "Hammered Again" as a title (stupid question I know)?
CUZ: The title actaully comes from a tattoo our original bass player had. It’s a tatt of two hammerhead sharks swimming in a glass of whisky and it says "hammered again" under it. He quit the band because he had an alcohol problem. The problem was that he couldn’t get enough alcohol.
MIKEY: It also says a lot about us as a band, we like to have a drink and like to party, we occasionally try to tone it down and get off whatever substance we’ve been on for too long but inevitably end up getting hammered again.

MM: What can fans expect from a Mammoth Mammoth live show?
MIKEY: To party, it’s one big party for us, and we love getting the fans involved. I usually spend more time in with the crowd than on stage, or jumping into Bones’ kit.
CUZ: It’s a lot like the nuts of a Wooly Mammoth... Hairy, sweaty and smells a bit like old carpet.

MM:Your toured Europe not so long ago what stands out most for you and what was weirdest thing you saw or did while on tour?
MIKEY: The whole tour stands out for me, In Australia crowds can stand back a lot and not get involved, I fucking loved how much the crowds got into our shows, especially in Germany which made us go even harder and push ourselves more. I saw and did a lot of weird shit in The Reeperbahn which my lawyers told me not to talk about ever again.

MM:Can you tell me your plans for 2015 with Mammoth Mammoth ?
BONES: As soon as we find out where ever Mikey is we’ll start rehearsals for shows. We will launch the album with shows across our hometown Melbourne, then head to Europe. We’ll return to play other major Australian cities.
MM:I see you have the beautiful young lady on the cover again , how did you persuade her to appear on the cover again?
MIKEY: She persuaded us, she’s very good like that
BONES: I think It’s her big sister or Mum?

MM:Is she still residing in the forest?
BONES: It’s hard to say – they move their humpy around from place to place. They’re suspicious and kind of randomly violent too.

MM:What would you like Mammoth Mammoth to be remembered for in the years to come
CUZ: For continuing the run of Aussie rock that’s been coming out of our country since in the 70s.

MM:Favourite Albums from 2014?
MIKEY: I can’t remember 2014
CUZ: The first rough mixes of our new album. Five stars.

MM:Any other Antipodean Bands we should be looking out for?  
MIKEY: Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, The Angels, Cold Chisel

MM:Coming from Australia are ya Neighbours or Home and Away Fans !!?
CUZ: We spend more time watching Redtube. Most bands try to get endorsed by Marshall or Gibson. We are hoping that Redtube picks us up.
MIKEY: Ha ha, to tell you the truth I’ve never actually watched an episode of either of these shows, like cuz I’m more of a RedTube and happy Days fan.

MM:One word to describe Mammoth Mammoth?
CUZ: Mammoth.

MM:Final words for our readers
CUZ: Buy a MAMMOTH MAMMOTH tshirt and wear it every day.


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