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                                                                                                  Marco Mendoza 
                                                                                              Casa Mendoza   PID  

Marco Mendoza is an immense talent, having played with the likes of Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy, he has honed his craft over the years and is a consummate professional, his latest album is needless to say a perfectly constructed musical offering, because he collaborates with the best musicians there are.


To bring 'Casa Mendoza' alive and kickin' ass, he has chosen Rafael Moreira on lead guitar, Steve Weingarten on keyboards and Joey Heredia on drums, with Marco himself on bass guitar and vocals, and very impressive vocals they are too.


'Casa Mendoza' is a heady mix of Latin, Jazz / Funk, Soul, Blues and Rock musical styles.  There are a few covers 'Livin' For The City', 'Suzy Q' and 'You Got A Friend', songs that Mendoza takes and makes his own, enhancing them with his own unique style.  The other tracks are all written and arranged by Marco Mendoza.  


For me the stand out track is 'Kingdom of Paradise'.  More Rock infused than the others, it really showcases the talents of these amazing musicians.

The bonus track 'Tu' is sung in Spanish ( I have yet to find the English lyrics ), but what a song this is.  It totally captivated me, took my breath away.  Marco sings with a quality and passion that makes you want to weep and Rafael Moreira’s guitar lifts this song to the heavens, (his playing is totally awesome), and the angels weep also. Half way through, the Latin rhythms kick in for a while, with Steve Weingarten and Joey Heredia interpreting the themes with amazing skill, then the pace slows again as the song reaches it’s end.

Although I love Metal I do listen to a wide variety of music and this is one of the best albums I have listened to for a long while.  It is simply outstanding, even if you are a seasoned metal-head, it is well worth a listen. I found it truly inspirational.

Review by: Alison "Bear" Caswell



1. Living For The City
2. Trouble
3. Suzy
4. You
5. Circle Of Life
6. Kingdom Of Paradise
7. Are You There

8. Betty Joe
9. Faith
10. Crying Out
11. Get Ready
12. You Got A Friend
13. Tu (bonus track)


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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