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                                                                                                                    Marco Mendoza

                                                                                                 Beth Blade and The Beautiful Disasters


                                                                                                    Bannermans Edinburgh 11.01.16


Okay so we have not written a gig review for a while here at The Metal Gods Meltdown as our ethos is rather than read about a gig get off ya arse and attend the gig! but there  are  exceptions to this rule, some nights after a gig you just have to sit down, write and let the  world  know about the venue, the bands . the atmosphere. and this was one of them.

Bannermans  is possibly one of the best Metal venues , together with  the Diamond Rock Bar in Northern Ireland that we have visited , so far, with reasonably priced beer, friendly bar staff and a great welcoming atmosphere , they all go a long way to making your night enjoyable and this place had it all this night’s gig was superb, held on a Monday night the Edinburgh crowd turned out ,and were ready to rock on this cold January night in Scotland’s capital city.


Band openers Tergazzi are a three piece from Edinburgh and delivered a set that had the   room rocking , right from the off and delighting in their music, the guitar man ship from Andy was something to behold and he certainly knows how to work a room, standout track for me was “Rock N Roll” which had everyone in attendance clapping their hands. Their performance was eye catching ,and had me buying their EP after set.


Next we had  Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters, all the way from Cardiff , they have been on the road supporting Marco Mendoza’s tour in the UK.  Well to say we were blown away is an understatement as the Red Haired Vixen Beth ,and her Disasters launched into “Hell Yeah” the room stood transfixed taken aback, enthralled by these Cardiff rockers enthusiasm and Metal verve, fuck this is the best up and coming band we have seen in many a year they totally rocked Bannermans, the raunchy “Kisses” had me personally spellbound as the band weaved their magic, they commanded and rocked the small stage.

Beth Blade is eye-catching and a new Metal Goddess in training!  Jack “JD” Davies on lead guitar played some means riffs, accompanied by Drummer Sam Brain and Nicko Godwin on Bass ,this band have a helluva future.

The band didn’t let up banging out the tunes, Beth briefly introduced “Boys” as their salute to the men in Metal with their long hair and studded leather jackets, a refreshing tune as we always hear about the women in the genre on songs!   Standout song for me was “Legends” and “Rough” which had a huge Kiss influence , man this band have written some neat songs that are catchy and rocking your Metal soul.  Talking of Kiss, the band finished their set with “Detroit Rock City” and crowd participation was a must!! This band have to be seen to be believed, so talented , simply pure gold!


Next up was the man and Band we had all turned up to see and as ever Marco Mendoza did not disappoint with fellow musicians, drummer Pino Liberti and guitarist Soren Andersen.

Marco tells the room to get ready as lots of photos are going to be taken tonight ,and to make sure they all hang about afterwards as their will be signings and selling of his cds! The band feature tracks from Casa Mendoza“ and Live For Tomorrow“ as well as a couple of Thin Lizzy songs the whole place had their monies worth   and  much , much more. Marcos repitiore includes some funky ,Latin fun time grooves as he creates a truly magical Happening , as always he  held the attention of everyone present  like some Musical Shaman , the band played a long set and no one wanted to leave , highlights for us were "Jailbreak“  where Soren takes over the vocals, and having seen Marco on The Thin Lizzy tour, then  to see him here in a small venue strumming on the bass was a surreal moment. 


The cover of Ted Nugent’s “Hey Baby” really rocked as Marco threw out some neat grooves and moves and the crowd swayed to the tune.  The crowd were in fine form ,and Marco's interaction and rapport with his audience was as ever excellent, this guy is a legend a true Rock N Roll star ,and totally down to earth. As it was a Monday night there was a curfew but Marco returned for an encore  that pleased and enthused the crowd ! This was one hell of a night and a great start to 2016!


Thanks to Hannah Jones for The Photo!

Review: Seb Di Gatto

                                                         Beth Blade and The Beautiful Disasters




Photo: Hannah Jones

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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