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                                                                 Marco Garau's Magic Opera
                                                                 Title: The Golden Pentacle
                                                                 Label: self-published
                                                                 Release: 19/02/2021
Derdian Keyboard player Marco Garau releases MAGIC OPERA soon and is a smorgasbord of Symphonic Metal full to the brim with majorly talented musicians I can tell you your ears are in for a treat as the delicious tones of Melodic and powerful songs steals and ignites ya soul.

"The Golden Pentacle" opens proceedings as the story unfolds on this tremendous concept Album about the search by two lords for the Golden Pentacle whose owner is indestructible, and the question of which Lord will reach its goal first and gain possession of the treasured jewel.  

As this opener and title track builds into a crescendo of Metal delights that lead into a fantastical and gripping piece that instantly enthralls and fascinates you as Anton Darussos Vocals ignite and excite, this is pure ear candy, as the hypnotic keyboards from Marco Garau take you on a roller coaster of emotions and dreams, added with the frantic shredding from Gabriel Tuxen and Matt Krais and the rhythm section of Enrico Pistolese on Bass and Salvatore Giodanos pounding Drums you know you are in for one hell of a treat!  
The gripping "Exlir of Life" works its magic as we come to my favorite on here "Keeper of the night" it has everything from Neoclassical Metal to shredding face-melting riffs that shake your being, its spell blinding addictive and one I simply can't get enough off.   "Never Ending Pain" is the pure melodic metal of the highest quality with Darusso shining once more while the rest of the band brings in those pounding metal melodies that change to lighter moments reminding me of the danse macabre with its growls and killer tones.

Chest thumping anthem "Fight for  The Victory" has audience participation written all over it, with its, magical highs and lows and killer  Keyboard and Guitar solos rock your world. "Secrets of The Sea" rampages at you like a bull on Ritalin this is fast furious and damn delightful. The majestic and awe-inspiring  "The Sacred Legacy" clocks up at early eight minutes and kicks serious backside with its many emotions and different soundscapes. "The Sacred Legacy" races along as we come to the gentler side of this work as the majestic "The Other Side" casts its spell on you. The pedal is firmly pushed to the metal as we are drawn into "Thief of Souls" its evocative and scintillating feel is simply stunning, as  Marco Garau tickles the keys and takes you on a journey of intrigue. Finally, we come to the finale as "Until the end of time"  rocks up its theatrical extravagance oozes into your being as we come to the end of this fabulous opus.

The album artwork is out of this world it's visually stunning and would be amazing blown up and displayed. 

Basically "The Golden Pentacle"  is full of Fantasy and delightful Powerful and death-defying Symphonic Metal that will blow away these dark troubled days we all live in, this is superb!

Review: Seb Di Gatto                      Score:9/10



1.The Golden Pentacle
2.Elixir Of Life
3.Keepers Of The Night
4.Never-ending pain
5.Fight For The Victory
6.The Secret Of The Sea
7.The Sacred Legacy
8.Free Again
9.The other side
10.Thief Of Souls
11.Until The End Of Time

Band Lineup:
Keyboards, Orchestrations - Marco Garau (Derdian)
Vocals - Anton Darusso (Wings Of Destiny, Oxidize)
Guitar - Gabriel Tuxen (Seven Thorns)
Guitar - Matt Krais (ShadowStrike)
Bass, backing vocals - Enrico Pistolese (Derdian)
Drums - Salvatore Giordano ( Derdian)


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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