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                                              MAULE Interview  20.3.23

MM:If I knew nothing about MAULE how would you describe the band's music to me


-Straight up old school heavy metal fantasy darkness.


MM: Give us a bit of insight into your band's name


-Its my (Johnny - bass guitar) last name, which we chose over my preferred band name “Warnicorn” you know, like a unicorn, but for war, because it would be easier to license.


MM: How pleased are you with the responses to your  debut album 


-Really good. We’ve clocked almost 200k streams across all our platforms in the first year. Its really motivating to see such a warm response.


MM: Traditional heavy metal is on the rise. Why do you think this is 


-Cause heavy metal will never die baby! Its fun and it means something so why not! Hell it never went away in the first place!


MM: The artwork is stunning..  Do you have a framed copy?


-Ha we’ll do back tattoos instead.


MM: Tell us your plans for the year's festival and tour wise 


-We’ve put in festival submissions so we’d be stoked to be able to do that, or at least just get out on the road, but nothings set in stone yet.


MM:Do you plan to do live feeds at some of your shows


-I believe we did an entire stream show before for an online festival out of Argentina called “Heresy Fest”, that was pretty cool. None of us are particularly technically savvy so I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one, unless you can hold it for a REALLY long time.


MM: Which NWOBHM bands had the biggest impact on you


-Iron Maiden. Next question please. Haha theres a ton in there, Priest, Angel Witch, Sabbath, Ozzy, honestly theres too many too name, and its not like there won’t be more down the road. 


MM: Who would be your ultimate  3  bands to go on tour with


-Maiden Megadeth Striker/Overkill


MM: What was the first concert  you attended


-Ensiferum (Johnny) Ozzy (Evan + Justin).


MM:And the last concert you went to


-Exodus BLS and Anthrax Tour.


MM: Are u excited or not bothered about the new Metallica album


-“They’re old, they’re out of touch, they’re irrelevant, they SUCK” -Eddie.


MM: Which band or musician had the biggest influence on rock and metal in your opinion


-Iron Maiden for Johnny, Van Halen for Justin, Dio Sabbath for Evan.


MM: If there was a heavy metal song about yourself what would it be called


-Johnny “Back Pain Eternum”

-Evan “Mystic Soul”

-Justin “Givr till ya quiver



MM: Four words to describe MAULE


-Old School Heavy Metal.


fast five questions:


1.Fave band


-Iron Maiden / Megadeth


2. fave singer


-Dio / Dan Cleary


3.fave drink


-Blacktooth Grin / Coffee / Sex on the Beach


4.fave album


-Armed to the Teeth - Striker / Powerslave - Iron Maiden / Rust in Peace - Megadeth


5.biggest inspiration


  • Dio / Mustaine / Harris


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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