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                                                                                                                       Michael Schenker
                                                                                                           Label: Nuclear Blast
                                                                                                           Release Date:3rd March 2018
The first time I heard Michael Schenker  was way back  in 1981 when my friend  put MSG on the stereo and we jumped around the room headbanging and playing air guitar. Its a memory I remember fondly and when ever I hear Schenker I think back to the days of my early youth and introduction into all things Rock and Metal. So
Fast forward to 2018 many years have passed and here we are blessed with "Resurrection" from Michael Schenker and what a work of art it is

Following on from the massive and hugely successful Schenker Fest tour, he logically got all his former Band mates back into the studio to record this latest offering  featuring  Chris Glenn (Bass) ,Ted Mckenna (Drums) and Vocalists from the past and present  Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley Gary Barden and his most recent Temple of Rock Vocalist Doogie White.
Things get underway with the electrifying  and rampaging"Heart and Soul" its an unstoppable bullet train as Metallicas Kirk Hammett joins Schenker to unleash and open this opus joined by McAuley on Vocals its a formidable start to a admirable release from these Gods of Metal.


Talking of Gods "Warrior" sees all of the Vocalists feature on this track  its huge and vibrant as you are led into the next track  "Take Me to the Church" blasts out of your speakers and has you singing and thumping the air this is going to be simply mind blowing live. 

"Night Moods"  see Graham Bonnet up next his vocals are outstanding  as ever, we caught him live last year and were simply blown away by his voice you really wouldn't think hes getting on in years  from his stage presence , Voice and all round energetic performances.

Any way this song I really like but I cant help but think of "Night Games" when the chorus kicks in. Bonnet also features on the massive "Everest"possibly my favourite track on here with the aforementioned "Night Moods" a close second.


Stuck in between these two tracks we have "The Girl with the Stars in Her Eyes" featuring Doogie White (One of four Scotsmen on this opus!) its catchy melodic tones take me back to the early days of MSG.
 "Messin Around" is  the weakest track on here, but having said that the guitar wizardry is sublime so you can see why it made the cut and Gary Bardens Vocals  are as fresh and vibrant as ever. "Time Knows When its Time" sees Schenker kicking out some massive riffs  as the rhytmn section of Chris Glenn on (Bass) and Ted McKenna (Drums) continue to make their mark on this platter.

"Anchors Away" has  White taking over singing duties again as Schenker continues to deliver killer riffs.


"Salvation" is an instrumental where the blond Metal maestro lets rip with some sublime riffs ,never over the top like some guitar heroes this is pure guitar heaven.

Ending this release we get "Living a Life Worth Living" brings back Barden for this rocker like the other track hes featured on its a more light hearted piece yet still shakes the foundations.

"The Last Supper" wraps up "Resurrection" featuring all of the Vocalists its a feast of Metal to please your ears and catch these guys with your eyes when they head out on tour soon near you!


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10

Track listing:
1.Heart and Soul (Feat. Robin McAuley & Kirk Hammett)
2.Warrior (Feat. Robin McAuley, Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Doogie White)
3.Take Me to the Church (Feat. Doogie White)
4.Night Moods (Feat. Graham Bonnet)
5.The Girl With the Stars in Her Eyes (Feat. Doogie White)
6.Everest (Feat. Graham Bonnet)
7.Messing Around (Feat. Gary Barden)
8.Time Knows When It´s Time (Feat. Robin McAuley)
9.Anchors Away (Feat. Doogie White)
11.Living a Life Worth Living (Feat. Gary Barden)
12.The Last Supper  (Feat. Robin McAuley, Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Doogie White)


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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