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                                                                                                     Molly Karloff interview 28/07/23

MM: First up can you give us a very brief history of your band and the name Molly Karloff and why that name 


The band started in ancient times, long before me n Sam were in the picture. When I first saw MK it was these 3 manly men with muscles and scowls, putting on this razor sharp show, leagues ahead of other bands on the circuit! They were promoting the “Dancing For Money” EP.

When the drummer job came up, I thought naaah they’re never gunna want this daft glam rock harlequin on the tubs! But Simon got in touch and I went for an audition and Ba-da-bing! Since then we’ve had a couple of tours promoting the second EP “Supernaturalation” (one cut VERY short by covid) and a handful of bass players, each one throwing a few more ingredients into the pot. We’ve got Sam completing the lineup and we’re about to hit the road with Hearts and Hand Grenades on their UK tour, before touring again from October to promote the release of our first album! You can already catch the first two singles “You don’t know my name” which came out in May, and the BRAND NEW SINGLE “Higher than the sun”

The name? Well Dr Frankensimon tried to build himself a lady a while ago, and when the lightning hit the conductor she exploded into 3 boys making some kicksss rock n roll! (Ok that makes no sense, but I’m giving a different answer every time I’m asked that question 


MM: What can we expect from your debut album 


It’s a bit of a melting pot, taking influences from all over the shop! No two songs sound the same. There’s some HO-LY SH*T serious headbangers, some groovy masterpieces, even some Halloween B-movie styles going on in there! But it’s all 100% full throttle blood pumping boot stomping Molly rock n roll!


MM: How pleased are you with the feedback so far to your band


We’ve got some pretty hardcore fans across the UK that follow the band to almost every show we play! The dedication of some of them is unbelievable! 

Before Molly, I’d been playing to mates and small venues, but now, when you put out a video and a few hours later it’s been watched 1000 times.. it’s pretty mind blowing!

Our live shows really seem to resonate with people and we get so many folks coming up to us after the show saying the most beautiful things! And that’s what it’s all about you know! Making an hour of someone’s life into something they’ll never forget! We try to stay engaged with our fans through the socials and by now we’ve got a pretty massive dysfunctional family of followers!


MM: How hard is it to get noticed these days with so many bands and the internet taking centre stage 


It’s a blessing and a curse isn’t it! 

It’s great to be able to reach so many people all over the world within minutes every time you’ve got something to say, and it’s amazing that this world wide stage is available to everyone who wants to get their art out there! 

We can put out a new single and an hour later I’m getting messages from mates in Australia and America saying “Hey that videos awesome mate!!”

But yeah that can have its downsides when we’re all competing for people’s attention!

It was awesome being able to stay connected with the fans through covid, putting out daft videos and songs just for the hell of it, keeping the Molly fires burning.


MM: If you could go on a dream package tour with three bands who would you choose


What, like ever? Or right now?

We had a fantastic time touring with our mates “Screamin’ Irene” a while back, always a blast to hit the road with those boys! And I’m totally infatuated with “Bad Actress” right now!

If it was up to me we’d be touring the galaxy with Bowie, Queen and T-rex, I reckon Simon would have Van Halen, QOTSA and Soundgarden, Sam maybe Maiden, Whitesnake annnnd… Leo Sayer? (I haven’t flicked through his record collection yet )


MM: What was the first gig/ concert u ever went to


My dad took me to a Queen tribute band when I was about 10 or 11 and later to AC/DC, QOTSA, Megadeath and the Offspring at the Milton Keynes Bowl, that was one hell of a show, and a pretty good education for a kid with his first beat up old Epiphone LP!

I can remember my ears were ringing for days after that!


MM: And The last one


Last gig I went to without performing was “The Pink Diamond Review” in a Little room over a pub in Oxford. There is this two piece acid-house punk-a-billy band with the coolest guy you’ve ever seen in a gold suit bashing away at this crazy old guitar. He’s what I wanna be when I grow up! 


MM: If there was a heavy  metal song about yourself what would it be called


“F*ck me, Molly Karloff are in my bath!”


MM: Is there a particular song  you wish u had written 


“White Christmas” would have been pretty handy. 

Now and again you’ll get new songs popping up on the radio and go “HEY! that’s MY riff!!” But so it goes.

I kinda wish I written “Eagle” by ABBA! Can you imagine that song played on overdriven guitars?! EPIC.


MM: Tell me why we should check out Molly Karloff


Because every time you do, a new fairy gets her wings.

Because it’s the only known cure for hiccups.

And because it’s just straight up badass rock n roll! What more could you want?!


MM: Four words to describe Molly Karloff




Fast five

1. festival or small intimate gig


2.saint or sinner


3.vinyl or digital


4. beer or gravy

You know what?.. I’m goin gravy.

5.Just stop oil or Rishi Sunak

Just stop Sunak 


Any final words for your fans our viewers and listeners


Just be cool, kids! Love yourselves and each other  x

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