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                                                                                                         “VoltoDel Demone”
                                                                                                         Label: Cobraside Distribution
                                                                                                         Release Date:28th August  2015     
Moonbow hail from Kentucky and “Volto Del Demone” is the follow up to their debut album "The End of Time" in 2013 and is an unexpected treasure.

Its an acoustic album that has  thrilled me, getting me in a complete spin, its bluesy, country rock inspired tracks are totally absorbing , you are  hooked after the first listen. Opening with blues infused fiddles , the mouth organs and beats transport you to the deep South and flow into your consciousness  as the “Devils Floor” wraps around your soul , it’s a pure stoner tune and whets your appetite for the rest of the album.

Vocalist Matt Bischoffs vocals are awash with bourbon and hazy smoke filled bars, reminding me at times of the great Layne Staley, this guy has an awesome , mesmerizing voice as he commands you to “Take Me Home” I simply love the slide guitar and chilled out vibe.


One of the Album highlights is the title track “Volto Del Demone” it’s a slow burner that builds into something spine tingling ,totally absorbing with the violins and soul of the deepest Southern Blues ,hell pass that bottle of Jack and immerse yourself in the rhythm of Moonbow.

“The Wait” takes you onto a ferris wheel of stoner inspired rock as the wheel spins the chorus echoes , sinking deep into your mind.

“Memories Ahead” melodies wash over you and immerse you in their soulful presence. “Misson 35”  has you tapping your feet and  jumping on the tables , boogying into the night. Only downer for me on here is “One Way to Die” I dunno it just didn’t shake my tree.


Skip forward to amazing highlight track of the album  “Face of The Demon” it’s a song I have played continuously its  an atmospheric singalong number that’s ethereal, quirky  and a bit strange just like me !! It rocks your soul , I just adore this tune! A totally addictive and absorbing finish, my partner listened to this song and rung 999 ha ha she thought I had lost it !! I am shocked at how much I enjoyed and in fact love this album, being a proper Metal Head grrr!! But not totally  closed minded This album has possibly become one of the best acoustic releases I have ever listened to( including Alice In Chains Unplugged!)  and enjoyed and will again and  again  to the end of time.

Review : Seb Di Gatto   Score :9/10
1.Devils Floor
2.Take Me Home
3.Volto Del Demone
4.The Wait
5.Memories Ahead
6.Misson 35
7.One Way To Die
8.Face of The Demon


Members: Matt Bischoff-Vocals David McElfresh-Guitars Ryan McAllister-Bass Steve Earle-Drum









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