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                                                                                                The Power

                                                                                                Label: Reaper Entertainment 
                                                                                                Release date: April 26th, 2024
Moonshot returns with a killer second album full to the brim of addictive fist-pumping riffs and uplifting vocals "The Power" works its magic on your mind body and soul. Once again Ville Malja and the boys have come up trumps with a great melodic hard rock giant of captivating tunes.  With the likes of guitarist Jussi Ylikoski and the formidable rhythm section of Henkka Seppälä and Mikko Hakila behind the band, this work smells of success before you even hear the first note.

This release is something we all need in these uncertain times as the energy and thrill of the ride are applied by former band members of Children of Bodom, Disco Ensemble, and Lapko pressing the throttle firmly to the floor with this hard rocking gem.
Things get underway in emphatic style with "Life is a killer" The lyrics hit home for me personally and instantly the class that is Ville Malja's vocals set this album apart from typical albums in the genre.  The rest of the band isn't too bad either! especially the drum work of Mikko Hakila as he pounds his way through the track with a surefire-winning start! 

The same high quality continues with "Blackened Spiral!, another great example of quality musicianship mixed with a great catchy song.  This is top-notch stuff and just what the world needs. The title track "The Power" is going to surely be a crowd favorite, I am sure this song the fourth single from this sophomore opus will be a new anthem. This song optimizes the whole genre with its delicious curves, guitars, great chorus, and a fantastic vocalist to carry it all off. "Arms around me" slows the vibe down a bit with telling lyrics reminding me of eighties fusion rock. Then we come to my personal favorite on here "Shadow Boxer" The video for this song gives me goosebumps as the chorus "Higher Faster, Louder" blasts out my speakers this is a purebred anthem, that simply pummels your senses an exceptional song that burns into your being. If ya having a bad day play this song.. it lifts your spirits and is simply sublime. "


Yes!" lyrics again hit home with the listener another powerful morsel of singalong choruses ensues as this track winds its way into your head and won't leave your head for days! 
The powerful "Ride Faster" is another favorite on here, love the intro as this track builds into a magnificent beastie that spirals and grooves into the room with its intense lyrics. The fun title of the next song "Stars Are Holes" a good-time rock n roll song kick ass simply put!

"Supercharged Love" and "Deep Hood"   rock your socks off as the melodious vibes and riffs take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, simply intensely moutwateringingly divine.

The lyrics on most of this platter hit a nerve no more so than on the final number "1800 Nights" a riff-laden ending to please the masses. Ville Malja's talent as a vocalist is only seconded by their superb songwriting. These guys have taken their talents and experience to show there is still a niche for this type of music.
So strap yourself in tight and get ready for "The Power" as this album traverses and speeds down life highways in a journey of pure hard rocking delight that will hopefully help you with the daily grind of life, it simply rocks up slaps you in the chops and has you playing this work of art again and again Ad infinitium!


Review: Seb Di Gatto                      Score: 9.5/10        

1. Life is a Killer
2. Blackened Spiral
3. The Power
4 .Arms Around Me
5. Shadow Boxer
6. Yes!
7. Ride Faster
8. Stars Are Holes
9. Supercharged  
10. Deep Hood
11. 1800 Nights

Jussi Ylikoski - Guitar
Henkka Seppälä - Bass
Ville Malja - Vocals
Mikko Hakila - Drums

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